• Ck out this website, about a new Axis & Allies clone: Rising Tide


    It already listed on BGG.

    Hope this is not already old news, sorry if it is!

  • Hey, the plastic looks just like the A&A pieces, and the map looks like something IL could have made. Exciting to see the rulebook

  • wrong forum, BTW  :oops:

  • This is the entry at boardgamegeek


    the map size is 47" by 138", or 3,9’ by 11,5’, or 1,2 m x 3,5 m. Thats a lot. Its like 3 copies of Anniversary map in a row. Bigger than The Wargame, and bigger than The Struggle.

    This is pic of map

  • @Constantinople:

    Hope this is not already old news, sorry if it is!

    You posted this before IL. This was really news, and you are the new man. You actually beat IL.

    Funny, this game may come with a ton of plastic, so imagine what might happen with the FMG project ?

    This game also have diplomacy, and finally I can attack Sweden

  • I’m The Man!!!   😄

    I’m Honored for this limited amount of time!!

    Look at the Pacific!!!

  • @Constantinople:

    Look at the Pacific!!!

    Yeah, its big, isnt it ? Like 15 sea zones from US to Japan. You’r gonna need like 8 turns to cross the sea if you go straight for Japan. And you know what the german designer said at BGG, cause you startet that thread, he said its different from A&A, like here you can only make like 1 combat move on your turn, so this game is gonna last forever. You’ll need some more time than just a weekend. And if you think its hard to find 4 friends to play any A&A game, just imagine how it will be to find 8 friends to play this monster.

  • Hi, why dont we post this over at the AH official forum ?

    That would make for some teaser  😄

  • It’s to big, it will take to long to play, and I will just stick to AA-50, these guys will probably get sued and we’ll never see them again.

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    I knew about this since day one. I talked with him and he said it takes too long to play and he was working on solutions since he invested alot on money to print it.

    Its not playable unless units move 3X to 4X normal movement, and this would prove a huge advantage against the Soviets because the ratio of territories from Berlin to Moscow are not at all in line with Asia which really shows the problem of movement.

    I didn’t post about it because i think hes working on a better version

  • I’m going to invest in Blue ink!!!  :lol:

  • The problem faced by game designers is recognising that the size of oceans is counteracted by the freedom of movement. Basically - although the distance is immense - you could sail from Hawaii to Japan (without opposition) much more quickly than you could move over ground from Berlin to Moscow - where the density of enemy forces is greater, you are restricted by transporty networks and terrain. After all - off the top of my head - it only took the Japanese carriers about 2 weeks to physically cross the distance from Japan to the USA. Similarly the ‘doolittle raid’ in 1942 by US bombers on the Japanese homelands took about 2 weeks to get within striking range of Japan.

    This illustrates the fundamental difference between terrestrial and marine combat - which war games have to factor in. The distances across the world’s oceans ARE vast - but they are also relatively empty - and a fleet at full steam can move with surprising speed around them.

    Even the lightning success of Barbarossa in 1941 put the Germans within striking range of Moscow 4 months after crossing the starting line at east Poland. (Hitler’s meddling slowed things - but again this was a symptom of the greater compexities of facing a foe on solid ground that they have occupy).

    Also - just taking the distance across the aleutians as a guide - but the Pacific Ocean (massive as it is) seems to have been made EVEN bigger!

    I think that many of us in our minds eye (especially those with an interest in the history of WWII) idle occassional moments imagining where we would put extra ‘pivotal’ territories or where it would be better to have an extra space (In AA50 I hate the proximity of Australia and the Phillipines as opposed to revised), but really I think A&A does a good job. I mean we could reach a level of complexity where we are adding hedges to western France to simulate the bocage. At which point I might as well give up work, study, food, romance, or socialising entirely and just retired to a boardgaming commune!

  • That map is huge, and I already take forever on my turns in regular AA games!

  • Hello everyone!
    I’m pleased about your interest for Rising Tide. And in an attempt to answer some of your questions I wrote a hasty and brief overview about some of the game features at BGG:


  • well, if they would split up the map and make pacific, siberia, africa bit smaller
    than it would be a perfect game!

    (with splitting up i mean:= a europe map and a pacific map)

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    Great looking board.  Perhaps this thread should actually be under “Other Axis & Allies Variants”, where I’d have noticed it sooner.

    CWO Marc

  • The map is beautiful.
    It’s one of the best i have seen but i agree for the pacfic ocean.
    It’s too big.

    My own map make 44’’ x 82.
    I think is the best dimension for a gameborad.

  • Wondering if this is bigger than the upcoming AAE1940 and AAP1940 put together??

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    i hear thats 70 wide

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    See my comments on the map under my “Angry Martian” guise.  It’s all gone a bit quiet…

  • Sorry about the silence, but it’s holiday season…

    Soon you can find the unit-setup online on www.vkpb.org.
    Beside that I’m working on the complete overhaul of the map.

  • Greetings!
    After a lot of testgames and even more discussions we have started a complete overhaul of Rising Tide.
    Have a look at http://www.vkpb.org/6.html to find out more.
    Please feel free to give us some feedback or creative input!

  • There is not enough information on the website to give a worthwhile critique. It looks like it has great possibilities.

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    I can’t speak to the rules since I haven’t seen any. As for how you are splitting up the Theatre Maps, it’s a bit unoriginal. And, how does the 3 map system work? Now I have to look in at least 2 different places to see what’s there? Reminds of Third World War by GDW, another game that won’t fit on any table known to man.

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