DMCA takedown notice on TripleA


    This could possibly mean that the development on TripleA will be much slower, if TripleA updates and svn versions will not be hosted elsewhere.

    Some of us prefer TripleA before GTO, b/c TripleA has much more options than GTO, even if the graphics are better in the GTO version of A&A, and GTO has only Revised, while TripleA has both Revised and AA50, and many custom maps/scenarios.

    Hasbro tries to get rid of competition instead of making a better product. GTO is way too slow and is not evolving the same way as TripleA, imo. Why not have several alternatives, I’m not bothered with the fact that some players prefer GTO instead of TripleA.

    And GPL/GNU which means open source, is a much better philosophy than closed source software. But there is no reason why we cannot have both options.
    This makes me pissed also b/c some developers/coders are changing the AI, hopefully to make in playable against humans, and I’ve been playtesting different versions of the TripleA more-n-able AI so it can be improved even further.

    I made the last stable versions available for download until TripleA can be hosted other places than sourceforge.

    Stable version:

    Unstable version:

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    sorry, but what is GTO?

  • GTO is gametableonline, it’s an online alternative which is ok, although I prefer TripleA.

    Personally I think TripleA is much better, but it’s good to have alternatives.

  • Veqryn:

    GTO is also available in Facebook, it’s pretty cool, you can make your moves and it accommodates 2-5 players.

    You make your moves at your convenience, kind of like PBF or PBEM only thing is there is no move list, you can’t tell what happened except by looking at the board but you need to remember what the setup was like.

    There are some bugs (blitz, etc) but overall pretty good but I would suggest not joining 5 player games as the level of players vary, I’m in one game where Germany fell to UK on round 2?  How do you figure.

    You should check it out.

    Even IL likes it so it must be good!

    It’s fun to play!  Also you can do a 5 player game but only with your facebook friends.

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  • I tried to download the unstable version (on my mac) but I can’t get it to work.  Any suggestions?

  • Thanks Subotai for making 3a available  🙂

  • I would like to say thank you as well Subotai. Please keep us posted on the TripleA situation.

  • there are still action over at the official forum

    someone is creating a new game map from a real world map

  • Just to sum up what happened at the end of this thread:

    TripleA is very much alive. It got purged of any name references to the boardgame, but the maps resembling the official boardgame in setup support the complete rulesets of all the versions out there.
    More important, in my eyes, it features some user made maps with different themes. Some of them are aimed at the advanced player (like New World Order - NWO1.7EB, for example), with the positive side-effect of having a mannered and above-average skilled community around them. The large maps tend to value strategic thinking above tactical assessment.

    Find TripleA, an easy Beginners Guide, additional Maps and more at the:
    TripleA Supply Depot:

    (Forgive me promoting this here, but I learned that even good products can fail without advertisement…) 😉

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