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    These two questions were posted by Comradekev on the TripleA forums, and I thought I would repost them here since noone has answered them yet.

    1. Suppose 5 subs attack 5 destroyers… are the subs allowed to retreat?  I know they don’t get first strike, can’t submerge, and can be hit by air with the DD present… but what about a normal retreat?

    My answer: The submarines can retreat.  But, however, if the submarines moved through an enemy cruiser/bb/carrier to reach those destroyers, they could not retreat, because that space was not friendly at the beginning of their turn.

    2. I understand that units can’t retreat into a recently captured territory, but should that also apply to blitzing units?  Suppose I have tanks (and optionally- mechanized infantry) blitzing through a territory (capturing it) to reach a third territory.  Also suppose that the attackers are surrounded by enemy territories.  This leaves only the blitzed territory as a possible retreat territory, but the restriction on recently captured territories means these units are unable to fall back.  Of course I’ll go with the official word from the rule gods, but this seems a bit fishy to me.

    My answer: Land units can only retreat to a territory where at least one of them came from.  The rules state only that sea units can only retreat to a space that was friendly AND was where at least one of them came from.  Land units are not under that stipulation and therefore can retreat to a blitzed territory.


  • i would say that you have answered correct on both ones

  • Official Q&A

    These answers are correct.

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