• Can someone give me a brif run through of the basic rules because I would like to know how to play it before I get it. I think Ill be geeting AAE so if you can can you explain its rules to me. Explaining AAP will be ok too,

  • Hey Rommel_rommel,

    I would suggest you take a look at the rules available at:


    It plays any other game of AA except it’s 3 against 1 (Russia, UK, USA vs. Germany)

    Differences on the top of my head:

    12 bonus IPC in the beginning for both Allies and Axis (can place units (only on territories with at lease one unit) or cash to any allies (Usually Russia or UK).

    Has destroyers (bombards) and artillery as new units (if you are not familiar with it).

    Includes convoy zones (seazones Germany can take over to take income away from the Allies)

    Russia having lend and lease (convert Allies units to Russian)

    I think that’s about all I remember.

  • '10

    Rules for these games can also be downloaded from this website under the links tab

  • AAE runs much like AAR, just Europe only.

    Yes, to bonus starting income for each side.

    Convoy Zones in the Atlantic and Oil territories in the Middle East give Axis the ability to lower Allied income without taking ‘Allied land’ per se.

    Russia has Lend-Lease (Soviet Patriotic War-so named in rules) from Allies

    Take an enemy capital and hold for a turn to win.

    AAP is a very different animal with special rules from Japan’s first turn, Convoy Zones different from AAE, Victory Points, CAP rules, Sub rules and so on, definitely a rule book reading needed to get into that.

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    I typed up how I would explain the game to a new player in the linked thread. It is ‘long’ but A&A games are a bit harder than Scrabble to explain.

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