• since so many people seemedto be interested in the monty patton comparison.I was wondering who does everyone like as best world war 2 general in europe or the Pacific doesn’t matter just who you think was the best general of world war 2.Some might think this is not important to the game but I think in some way it shows what kind of player you are.

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    One that hasn’t been mentioned who deserves some acknowledgement is Macarthur. His Island hopping Strategies where excellent. He saved time material and lives bypassing strongholds cutting off the supplies and bringing areas to submission.

    I can be tough to come to a conclusion as to who was the best Leader of WWII or any time for that matter. Who knows what Rommel may have accomplished if he had the resources of Monty or Patton.

  • I agree Macarthur was a great general and was America’s leader in the pacific war.Anyone can say that you can’t come to that conclusion but you must have a gut feeling as to who you think is the best

  • Rommel. He is criticized from the lack of strategy to the lack of understanding logistics. All of this were in mind along with the well being of his men and even prisoners. His great concern for the local civilian casualities was always noted. The British admired him. The French did as well as Lt. General Patton…

  • my favorite was one of the most underated Nimtz.Nimtz was a great general I admire his ability to command land sea and air forces in many important pacific campaigns.

  • Yamamotto (sp) Who else could pull off Pearl Harbor when you DIDNT want to do it.

  • I’m partial to German commanders. I like Model, Kesselring, and Rommel in no particular order.

  • Oh, may I speak out against Macarthur. He did a good job during WWII, but look at the horrible job he did during the Korean War.

  • i’d say his world war 2 triumph against a very strong enemy in Japan makes up for the Korean war fiasco.

  • I would have to say Patton…not only did he have great strategies on the battle field (and no, he is not perfect), but his personality, ideology, and morals regarding his own troops were quite amazing. He could rally his troops like no other ( insert your argument here ). Not only that, but his birthday is shared by mine as well. . . . Nov 11.

  • wow a birthday on remeberence day and on the same day as Patton.

  • I know…never any school or work for life…hee hee!

  • Oh, and two generals I need to put a word in here since they arent mentioned. Zhokov (sp) and De Gaul. Without either, the war could never of been won.

  • Patton is by far the best. Who hasn’t seen the movie Patton? A lot of that is factual, the Germans were just plain scared of him. He beat the crap out of Rommel, and drove the stake into Germany’s heart. Anyways, I’m not biased or anything (just don’t look at my name), but Patton had the best personality to go along with his clear understanding of warfare.

  • Never mentioned is my personal favorite, Archibald Wavell. He penned the exellent book, Generals and Generalship and was the primary architech of the excellent progress Monty made latter in North Africa.
    I think honorable mention should go to Bill Slim and Vinegar Joe Stillwell, both helped turn the Burma campaign from utter disaster into an impressive victory.

  • My problem with Patton is he was too aggresive. I bet you if the allies had used him in D-Day there could of been a disaster because he went too far inland.

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    I’m not sure what you mean about Korea. He obviously didn’t win the war, but what is it that you see bad about Mac? The landings at Inch’on and the encirclement of the KPA are classic Macarthur.

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    Also, I think it is a bit of an assumption to say that Patton would have overextended himself at D-Day. The Allies, at the time of the D-Day landings needed aggression. To delay would have given the Germans more time to regroup. The only reason I can see to keep Patton out of D-Day was deception. I think the Germans were slow to commit reserves, in part, due to the fact that Patton and his ghost army were set to cross the channel else ware. Patton was a man who was born to lead an Army, just like Ike was born to lead a nation.


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  • I think the allied generals in the italian campaign American Mark Clark and British general Alexander[don’t know first name]

  • Harold Alexander; after the war he served as Governor-General of Canada until 1956, and then as Britain’s defense minister until 58’he was made an Earl in 56’ and received the order of merit in 59’:)

  • Did anyone mention Omar Bradley? he was a real ass-kicker.

  • I think that Mac was responsible for many many lives lost. He made some stupid mistakes that his advisors told him never to do. Problem was, he was so popular in Japan that the US government wouldn’t remove him from command.

  • come on the Japs fought to the last man.Hard not to lose lives with an enemy like that.

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    We are talking about Korea in this case.

    I guess you’ve heard some things that I haven’t. When Mac was removed it was due to the fact that Truman belived he couldn’t trust Mac to stay withing the boundries he was given. Mac wanted to take the war to China and had nukes at his disposal. Truman was afraid that if we atacked the Chinese on there own soil that the USSR would join in starting WWIII.

    Have you ever played the Avlon Hill game “Korea”? I think Mac was in a tough spot and it seems to me with what he faced he did a good job.

  • sorry Don’t know much about the Korean War

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