Conquered AA gun belongs to who?

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    The Americans attack and conquer the Balkans (italy), then drop off an AA gun there.
    The Germans attack the Balkans and win, the Balkans go back to Italian control.
    But who owns the AA gun, Italy or Germany?


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    Why?  I was guessing Germany….

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    In most cases, when control of a territory changes, control of any AA guns in the territory transfers right along with it.  The only exception occurs when a capital is held by the enemy.

    If Italy was in Allied hands when Germany recaptured the Balkans, Germany would take control of the territory, along with its income, IC and AA guns (if any).  Until Italy was liberated, it would be a German territory for all purposes.  When Italy was liberated, control of the Balkans (plus its IC, if it had one) would revert to Italy.  However, Germany would keep the AA gun.  This is the only time that control of AA guns in a territory doesn’t pass to the new controller of the territory itself.

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    Barring the very extreme example kh has shown, to help yoy, just think of an AA gun like an IC

    no matter who takes what from who and where…

    if it was an IC who would be building units in this Zone ?  Thats who controls the Gun.

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