If US lost the battle of Midway

  • 24 essex class carriers that were under production guaranteed that the USA was going to win against Japan the question was how quickly.  The USN actually burned through there carriers quicker then the IJN once they were down to only Enterprise in 1943 but by the Marianas turkey shoot they had rebuilt an even larger force and had better aircraft (helldivers, hellcats).

    No Matter what Japan loses the great marianas turkey shoot.

  • Notice how quickly the Russian armies redeployed to Manchuria after Berlin fell ?

    Allied delays in the Pacific theater would have resulted in more Communism.

    Think of All Korea.
    And almost no Chinese revolution. 
    Maybe even Tibet, Nepal, India, Cambodia, Thailand, all having revolts against the western powers and easily getting the arms to push it through.

    Taiwan may have not been packed with as many Nationalist Chinese Kuomingtang forces and been more likely to revolt as well.

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    Notice how quickly the Russian armies redeployed to Manchuria after Berlin fell ? Allied delays in the Pacific theater would have resulted in more Communism.

    The timing of the Russian deployment to Manchuria had been worked out and agreed to with the Anglo-Americans at the Yalta Conference.  Stalin had promised that, after the eventual defeat of Germany, he would declare war on Japan ninety days afterwards – the time he needed to shift the required number of his troops from the European Front to the Asia-Pacific front.  And indeed, the Russian invasion of Machuria took place exactly three months after Germany surrendered.

  • The defeat at the Battle of Midway would not affect the project Manhattan  nor the YB-35 project. So in late 1945, atomic bombs were dropped anyway in Japan. And the USA would still have capacity to fight friction, such as the Solomon Islands Campaign. And the U.S. production was 41.7%, Germany 14.4%, 14.0% USSR, UK 10.2%, France 4.2%, Japan 3.5% and Italy 2.5%. And the seven powers 90.5% overall. Nearly HALF of world production!
    And the USA had: Nearly twice the population of Japan.
    Seventeen team’s Japan’s national income. Five times more steel production. Seven times more coal production. Eighty (80!) times the automobile production. Provided almost 50% of the trucks for the USSR, and more. The defeat at the Battle of Midway would have only delayed 6-18 months the end of the war.

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    I think the delay would have been at most 1 month if that.  Once the economic engine of the US was revved up their material/technical advantage guaranteed victory.  No research and development would have been affected, if anything, failure at Midway would cause the home front to work even harder!  A working atom bomb and a means of delivery would have been available on the same day or a few days sooner.  The US would probably still have about 100 or so carriers of various size on Aug 6, 1945.  That would guarantee they could own any island they required to get to Japan.  As it was, B-29 raids against Japan flown from the Marianas began in November 1944.  One could argue a loss at Midway delays bombing raids from the Marianas for several months but even if the delay was 6 months that gives the USAF 3 months to get the hang of bombing Japan from the Marianas before Aug 6th when a working atom bomb can be delivered as per history from there….

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    A defeat at Midway, coupled with other defeats in the Pacific and Europe, MAY have made the difference.

    But certainly not alone.

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    The US produced more war material for the Pacific theater alone in 1943 than Japan did over the entire course of the war.  I don’t see how an American military disaster at Midway would do anything but extend the war.  As mentioned in an earlier reply, Japan had no real strategy for winning- just a plan for not losing via their island defense network.  Their only hope was that we would just give up, but that overlooks the spirit of American resilience seen in other wars like the Revolution, War of 1812, and the Civil War.  They misinterpreted pre-war American isolationism as an unwillingness to finish what other people started.

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    Right. No way Japan could even hope for anything more than extending the war. Japan needed to build up her power over many years, in order to have any chance.

    But the gamble was to attack the dutch oil and not trigger anything more than embargo and consolidate conquests at the expense of England. Japan wasted it’s good will in China prompting the embargo…China is worthless-what a waste of resources…Trading an oil embargo for Nanking was the worst decision since attacking Hawaii.


  • Imperious Leader nailed the last comment.

    Japan entered the War with the West with 51 Army Divisions; however 27 where already in use in China. Thirteen of the remaining divisions were facing the Red Army. Japan was willing to head to war with the Allies with ten to eleven availiable divisions!

    Japan would quickly start recruiting from it’s 73 million population, but Japan kept the same habit of attacking the Allies with smaller forces.

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