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    In my solo game, the UK amphibious assaults France and takes it over.  Then Italy takes her turn, and I thought it was crazy that Italy could bombard the heck out of France from the Riviera (from the Med), when in reality the allied units would be in northern France, like Paris, etc.  No way cruisers and bship could help the attacking Italian units from the Med.

    That got me thinking about this a bit more.  There are some other shore bombardments that make no sense.  For starters, from Northern or Western Australia.  There’s nothing there.  If you’re landing troops there, they would be making there way inland, especially to SE Australia where they would engage the home troops.  Bombarding NW or N Australia would just kill some wallabies.

    So I’m thinking for my own house rules, I won’t allow bombardments:
    From Southern French coastline, North or West Australia, the Coastal Chinese province (not HongKong), Western Canada, Eastern Canada, either of the two Eastern Russia territories.

    What do you think?  Any territories you would add or subtract from the list?  I don’t think any significant amount of troops would be defending within 20 miles of the coasts on the above named areas.  Again, this issue became glaring to me when Italy was bombarding the heck out of France - from the SOUTH immediately after the UK had landed on the Northern shores of the same territory.

    Thanks in advance -
    Love this game.

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    different things you can do:

    1. limit SB as per OOB to one shot for each infantry
    2. modify the SB to just a +1 for one unit
    3. limit invasions to a weather roll of 3-4-5-6 for success depending on area. Its not like they say “hey lets invade today…yea sounds like a good idea!” — The tides and climate are extremely important.
    4. defending infantry fire first and loses are taken
    5. attacker can only land infantry on first round ( plus planes) then other types of units can fire and land
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    Why not divide France into France/Vichy with the Vichy in the south and France in the north?  France can be worth 4 IPC, Vichy worth 2 IPC and now the Allies don’t automatically liberate all of France with a successful D-Day and Italy cannot bombard off the coast of Gibraltar.

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