Where and how do you guys play online?

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    You need the A&A CD. Get the patch here: http://www.home.centurytel.net/khb/aa/

    Play at the MSN Gaming Zone.

    Here’s the link: http://zone.msn.com/axisandallies/default.asp?blnhbredirect=true#=231

    Follow the links to create an MSN account.

    Clubs play in the ladder room. Casual play in World at War Room.

  • The above answer is correct only if you are interested in playing real time. However, it does come with drawbacks. First, you have to buy the CD. Second, the CD is full of bugs.

    If you are interested in playing by e-mail, there are several on-line sites and clubs including this one in which you can play. The PBEM clubs are:

    Both options - CD or PBEM have great people to play against. If you are interested in playing the “original” version of A&A, you best option is PBEM. This version sticks closest to the rules (it does not have to accommodate the CD bugs).

  • how Do U PBEM?

    How does one calculate the die rolls?

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    In the “player help” section there are a couple of threads that might help:
    “playing by email” and “help, I want to play by email” I think that’s what their names are.

    There is a dice rolling program, dicey, that emails results to the players. It is very easy to use and I think those other threads have the web address. If you want to test it out 1) don’t put in email addresses or 2) just put in yours and you can see how you get the results.

    Also in the “games” section there are several PBEM games that have been played so you can see how various players record their turns.

  • Hey! I guess I’ll try MSN. Later though, kinda busy.
    I’ve played a few game at IAAPA. Might go back there, too.

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    We’re trying to set up a spring PBEM tourney. Check out the games section if you’re interested.
    If you’ve never played a PBEM, I can give you the basics if you need them.

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