Russian Winter

  • Anyone notice that the Russian Winter is not acurately portraed in this? I’ve got an idea for a new rule based one it:

    Every other turn, ground forces defending in a Soviet (or former Soviet) territory gain a +1 to all defending rolls. i.e. inf now defend at a 3 or less. This is to represent the other forces weakness during the winter months. I would lower the attacker’s attacking roll, but then inf would attack at a 0 or less? That doesn’t work. The Ukrane SSR is included in this rule. This rule can ONLY be used with RR and biding.

  • every turn is 3 months and you start in the spring so evey 4th turn its winter

  • maybe tanks move 1, because the roads weren’t very good in Russia during the winter.

  • there are expansions for wether.


    I know that, in general, each turn is about 3 months, But if you realize that, in a bad game, the USSR can lose easily in 4 turns (and in a really bad game 2 turns[it’s possible])… don’t you think that we should really consider i1 turn 6 months?

    If the game starts in 1942 …

    6 turns makes it 1945 …

    8 turns becomes 1946 …

    12 turns is 1948 …

    Waa cha tinkin?

  • Yea, 6 monthes makes a lot of sense.

  • Thanx for the support, D_x! 🙂

  • Moderator

    Tanks cannot move, Infantry freeze in there boots, Artillery doesn’t fire because it is frozen, aircraft cannot fly because of bad weather…. it would really have to encompass the whole spectrum… plus remember that the winter in russia is about 5 months long so it would really need to be fall and winter…

  • i play with the winter, infantry are effected also- need a pair of 1’s to get a hit. also spring means mud in russia so all axis tanks move 1 space instead of 2.

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