Iron blitz (downloaded) & MSN zone ?

  • Hi!

    I downloaded A&A Iron Blitz from The and I think its an awesome game. The Computer seems pretty dumb (all he does is stack hundreds of units on his flag country and never uses combat ships).

    Anyhow, i wanted to play a human for a change. I went to the zone and tried entering the iron blitz lobby. Problem is, it says it can’t find the game.

    My guess is that the registry is incomplete. It would seem most logical.

    Anyhow, does anyone have a fix to this problem? I tried asking someone on the zone in the iron blitz lobby, but he doesn’t know either.

    Could anyone send me their registry of A&A (i’d prefer iron blitz, but i guess regular A&A would work too - i’d just do some tweaking). Since the game was released for free, this is hardly illegal (just in case you were wondering :)). I’d really appreciate it.

    Or, would someone like to play with me without the zone? Just ICQ me @ 15571623 or email @

    Some people on this board say iron blitz has to many bugs for Multiplay. I played over the LAN with my brother and really like it - haven’t noticed any significant bugs yet.

    Anyhow, i’d appreciate any help - thanks!

  • Yep, I got the same problem…downloaded mine from underdogs too. It says I don’t have the game when I tried to join multiplayer, and it says I don’t have the game when I try to install the patch :-?

  • hey ctm

    would you like to play the game without the zone? Just contact me - cantact info is in the first post. MP works fine when we manually type in the IP. I’d prefer ICQ since its an instant msger (no, i dont have AIM).


  • Yeah man that sounds good to me, I just added you :)


  • "I downloaded A&A Iron Blitz from The and I think its an awesome game. "
    I find a major contradiction here. The package is put together soo poorly that it is not even played on the zone, or ever was (cept for the first 2 weeks it ever was spammed).
    If you are serious about wanting to play on the zone, you are in for a very big surprise. The bugs that show up in online play in every phase dwarf anything you’ve seen while playing the AI offline. And this is an understatement!

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