• I have never played Axis and Allies before and saw that a store nerby has AAE AAP AA D day and Gudocanel. I desided to either buy AAE or AAP but can’t deside they both seem really good to me. Can anyone make a suggestion on which one to get?

  • welcome!!

    here’s a couple differences that I look at in terms of which to play, maybe they can help with which might be more interesting to you.

    –AAP–This has a focus on naval & air power, while ground troops take the backseat in the game.  Big role yes, but it’s about the others.  2nd, with AAP is that the Out of box rules call for victory points win system (gained by Japan, denied by Allies).
      AAP has perhaps the most depth of rules of any of the games.  While still like and operates like the world or europe versions, it has many unique rules to it’s play and will take a bit longer to get into than europe, though well worth the venture.

    –AAE–This has more of the focus on ground and air power.  Ground first between Germany/Russia and air to cover and disrupt.  The other Allies must first build naval to get to Europe, and then fight on the ground, so more focus I would say to the ground, but more balanced than AAP.  2nd with this is that it has more the traditional take the capital focus, ie, no victory points. 
      AAE is more standard of the games, though you haven’t played much, it will be more like the world versions that you will likely play in the future.

    If you see getting into the world versions going forward, you may like to start with AAE, while if you think more likely to get into Bulge, Guadal or DDay, may be easier to start with AAP.  personally, I play AAE more, but I enjoy both, and really don’t think you can go too wrong with either to start.

    good hunting!

  • Thanks for the tips. I think I’ll get AAE because it has a more easy means of victory. Thanks for the help. 🙂

  • Both games are out of print, so good luck to you

  • @Adlertag:

    Both games are out of print, so good luck to you

    :?  😮


    that a store nerby has AAE AAP AA D day and Gudocanel.

    yay!  😄  :roll:

  • In that case I would purchased them all

  • '10

    Sorry for chiming in so late….I personally prefer AAP; the logistics are a little more intricate and the imbalance can easily be adjusted by sliding the vp requirements. Secondly, it is harder to find. Thirdly, I think there are some house rules on combining AAE/AAP into a global game…so you may want both.

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