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    According to the official Faqs, there is an optional rule for the closing of the Dardanelles (National Objectives, and Technology, are also optional rules in AA50).
    So, if you play with this rule, can Germany still use their transport to pick up guys from Bulgaria/Romania? 
    It is on the other side of the Dardanelles so I think they should be able to……  Perhaps that side of the Dardanelles becomes a mini sea zone 16 for ships, while the other side of the straight is the part that turkey will not let ships into or out of.

  • i’m just looking at bigblues player aid, don’t have my board with me at the moment, but I believe you are correct, technically sz16 is that outside area in front of bulgaria, but i believe you are correct also in that picking up in bulgaria is still ok, because the Dardenelles is in the middle of the sz and so the part you can use becomes sz16.  Playing it all closed raises more questions than I think it’s worth at least…
    That’s is how we’ve played it as well, but I’m sure Krieghund can put the matter straight one way or the other soon enough.

  • Dardanelles Closed to Sea Movement
    In order to maintain its neutrality, Turkey closed the narrow straights linking the Black Sea and the Mediterranean,
    permitting no naval passage by any belligerent nation on either side. No sea units may move into or out of sea zone
    16, however air units may move through this sea zone freely.

    I think it is pretty clear.  No sea units in/out of SZ16.
    Therefor, Bulgaria/Romania can not be reached by transport

  • Official Q&A

    Axis_roll is correct.  Sea units may not enter or leave sea zone 16 under this optional rule.  Bulgaria/Romania being cut off from the Mediterranean is just a by-product of the way the map is drawn.

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