Two small, small sub changes

  • I love the new sub rules for AA50, but I have two reservations. First, subs should be able to move through destroyers. This is the only way Germany could have a chance of getting subs out of the Baltic Sea in any dependable way. Two, subs should be able to block the movement of transports without accompanying warships. It just doesn’t make sense for invasions etc being made without protection from subs by lone transports. Submarines are finally coming to their own in Axis & Allies after so many headaches, and now we just want the finishing touch!  😄

  • My God its only a game

  • so destroyers can’t block subs, but subs can block transports?  talk about having cake and eating it too.

    Maybe super subs should be able to bypass destroyers, then there would be a genuine desire to get them…

  • There should be no difference in the cost or function of units in AA50 and AA42.  That way makes it easy for a player seasoned in one version to try out the other.  So far I think we’ve had five A&A theatre scale games, and five different rule sets for subs!  One can get confused sometimes.

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