• As Germany, I’ve usually tried to push across Europe and meet Japan near India. This, however, seems to give Russia an extra one or two turns to build up men in Moscow. Is it wiser to simply throw an all out assault on Moscow as early on as I can, or wait for the support of Japan? Japan just seems to have a lot less on their hands in the beginning of the game.

  • It’s far wiser to wait for Japan, Germany doesn’t have enough infantry in the beginning to take Russia, and can’t match 8 infantry a turn until it has secured Africa. Once Japan cuts into Russia’s income and Germany can outproduce it, then you attack.

  • preachin to the choir baby 😎

    you also have to take into account the noobs who refuse to play RR ir use bids

    :x God damn I hate those ignorant Noobs :x

  • I usually build a ton of infantry to protect my capital early on. That way for the rest of the game I don’t have to worry about it. Just keep building tanks and hitting Russia in the east. Use every single plane you have no matter where it is located. If it is in Western Europe, fly it over to Ukraine. Hit them with everything you’ve got. This will cripple both of you, but as long as the Japanese player is smart enough to take them in the East, then you will come out on top, because you will have almost twice the economic might and will be attacking them on two fronts.

    Also get a tank or two over to Africa and blitz through the open countries there. It will really put the kaybosh on the British player launching any decent offence against you, cause he will have no money

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