• What do you think of the following USA buys if the game is undecided on KGF/KJF, where you initially want to keep both fronts open or want to keep some pressure on the other Axis then the one you decide to take out first.

    USA 1 : Aircraft Carrier, Sub, Transport, 2x Artillery all deployed in the west. ( saving  2 )
    => groups with BB and destroyer : this fleet can take the southern Jap islands if not all the Jap fleet is in the south.

    USA 2 : Aircraft Carrier, Tank, Artillery, 2x Fighter all deployed in the east. ( saving 8 )

    USA 3 : 2x Transport, 2 Infantry, Tank, Artillery deployed in the east. Having 18 left over at this point.
    => an additional 6 transports in total to make a direct transport link to Africa, walk one sector east ( lybia? ) and from there with transports + Carrier and fighters threatening the whole south of europe.

    From this stage on I can or expand the transports and troops going to europe, or leave the tranny’s like that to put some minimal pressure on germany and start building a bigger pacific fleet/factory on one of the southern islands*.

    • I tried this last game and I kinda liked this. If the US takes one of those ‘4’ islands and build a factory on it immediatly this can really endanger Japan’s fleet fast. You must however unite the US/UK fleet there to prevent the Jap monster fleet from killing the allied fleet and taking the factory on the next Jap turn. But once the factory can produce the US can buy 4 subs per turn, overwhelming the Jap fleet eventually. Combined with a IC in India this is a lot for Japan to swallow.

    Thank you for reading


  • This is generally an ineffective strat…

  • The more resouces used in the Pacific means the less used in Europe, which helps Germany. Allies never want to take the pressure off of Germany, NEVER!

  • I like your ideas with the carriers.  I’ll try it in one of my next games.  Carriers are always my flagships.

    My first round purchases generally consist of 2 troopships, 2 infantry and 2 tanks.  to be placed in eastern US.  I have 8 ipc’s left so depending on what I want to do with my forces already in play, I could buy 1 extra tank and infantry or 1 extra transport.  I also might try to get combined bombardment and an extra infantry.

    I never buy battleships for my fleets.  I prefer getting combined bombardment and using the destroyers instead of the battle wagons.  The reason is, is I can buy 2 destroyers for every battleship and they can do the same job at twice the firepower.  Plus they have the anti submarine capability.  My rule of thumb for my fleets is having a minimum of 2 carriers, 2 destroyers for every carrier, 2 subs, and 4 troopships minimum. Building a fleet like this maximizes fire support for landing units with 4 fighters and 4 free bombardment shots + whatever you bring in the landing.  Your fleet has alot of firepower for defense and some fodder to sacrifie.

  • I don’t see an early US carrier build as neccesary at all. They should be pumping out land units to fill up those TRNs. I think that it’s better to leave fleet defence to the Brits as they get to move first. The US can then reinforce the landing zone wherever the Brits go. Alternatively they can just move to spots out of range of the bulk of the German airforce.

    SZ 17 is a possible landing site if German fighters are in western Europe.

    Once the US has made it’s madatory Land unit builds and TRN builds then topping up fleet defence from T4 onwards allows a more agressive style of attack. This will force Germany more onto the defensive. Early US builds of capital ships means less land units or transports which amkes life easier for the Germans.

  • I agree completely…… If I don’t have to, I will not build an AC at least not for the first 3 rounds.  But I will build one once The allies start building up steam in Europe around turn 4.

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