• Operation: Market Garden

    September 17,1944. In an Allied Attempt to get into Germany the allies made the largest Airborne Operation in History. Sadly It ended in faliure. It consisted of the American 101st and 82d Airborne Divisions the British 1st Airborne division with the Polish 1st IPB and the Dutch Resistance. The objective was to secure many bridges in the Netherlands and Germany.

    Choosing Sides and building armies
    Roll 2D6 the higher # is German 59th ID the lower is the 101st Airborne.
    Armies are bought in platoons
    Army sizes 175 (101) and 125 (59)

    The map used needs to include a road, a bridge and the town of Son.
    The 101st must drop on the opposite side of the bridge 6 hexed from the edge.
    The 59th ID can start in the, bridge or 7 hexes from the edge of the map.
    The recon unit is deployed 2 hexes from the 101st

    The 101st wins if they take the bridge and at least 1 group of city hexes.
    The germans win if they blow the bridge with there Pioneers.(pioneers deploy on their edge of the map on turn 6)
    The 59th ID wins if they keep the 101st from complete their objectives.

    101st Airborne

    Airborne Infantry Platoon (25)
    Red Devil Cpt x1
    M1 Garand x4
    BAR Gunner x1
    AT Air Assault Platoon (25)
    Red Devil CPT x1
    M1 Garand x4
    Bazooka x1

    Air Assault Platoon (25)
    Red Devil CPT x1
    Thompson Gunner x4
    Hunting Sniper x1

    Airborne Support Section (25)
    Red Devil CPT x1
    M1 Garand x2
    M1 81mm Mortar x1

    Headquarters (25)
    Red Devil CPT x1
    M1919 x2
    M1 Garand x2

    59th ID

    Recon Team (free)
    Volkstrum Infantrymen x4
    German Rifle Section (25)
    WRMCT OLT x1
    Mauser x5

    Support Infantry Section (25)
    WRMCT OLT x1
    Mauser x3
    MG42 x1

    Panzer Section (25)
    Panzer III x1
    BMW R75 x1

    Elite Rifle Squad (25)
    WRMCT Vet INF x5

    Pioneers (free)
    Pioneers x2

  • Looks good Testguy,

    I’ll give it a try.  Right now I’ve just completed a map for Maleme Airfield in Crete which was a German Airborne Operation.  I’ll be testing it over the next month and will post afterwards.  The map uses 3" hexes and is overall 3 ft by 5 ft in size.  My game plan is 500 points on each side.


  • Hey have you tried my other scenarios?

  • I’m gonna give this one a shot.  I am short a couple pieces on each side but I have 4 cases enroute this week and next so I should be able to put it together by then.  I’ll post the AAR once I’m finished.  ~Youngstown

  • youngstown have you tried it yet?

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