How will AA42 promote a Mediterranean Theater?

  • maybe could give DD a search function to find subs, use one of their move points to try and locate a sub, if found, then could shoot at it.  similar evasion roll for subs moving through zone with DD…  maybe there’s some playtesters reading all this for posterity…

  • Not too complicated is better. Extra search rolls etc adds more rules to an already rule-laden sub section. My idea just means you erase one sentence from Destroyer special abilities. The point is that Germany needs to be able to buy subs in Baltic Sea and then attack invading fleets without a single destroyer in North Sea blocking them, a simple but effective change.

  • the problem that that solves though I fear would only create another one for Japan in the Pacific, where the US could cause more havoc with an enemy already dependent on the sea for conquest with unbridled sub warfare.  wouldn’t you then be trading UK for Japan…

  • Good! The Japanese sure don’t need any favours given how strong they are in most games…  😉

  • and if aa42 were aa50-where japan does often get pretty large, then that might not be such a big issue…but '42 is supposedly to be more like AAR, where japan wasn’t exactly godzilla running amuck…

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