• I have played a lot of board games in my life but AA-50 takes the cake. the first 10 games were pretty awesome but the last two were marathons, one lasting 8 hours and having to draw because of outside commitments (girlfriend) and the current one I am playing with another long time player that has gone on now for 12+ hours. We are on a break to resume on Sunday.
      I am playing the Axis and am hanging on by my fingernails for the last 8 rounds.My opponent has the Atlantic filled with British & U.S ships hitting Ger every turn and also Heavy Bombers for the U.S.
      But my Japs have all off the Pacific ( improved shipyards, super subs) all of Asia, parts of Russia and Africa, and just finally Knocked out India and placed bombers there. Now I’m hoping to get H Bombers for them and maybe I could win this thing . Once it’s over I will post the results , but wow, what a board game!

  • Lucky you  🙂

  • Well, we resumed the game Sunday and went another 8 hours on it. Now the U.S has tech Chart 2 , 1-2-3 & 6, the Brits have jets & radar, the Russians have chart 1, 1 & 6,& s subs, the Ger have chart 1, 1-3-4-5-6, the Japs chart 2, 1-2-3.  The Germans have fought off every force that was thrown at it by all 3 allies and is building up and the Japs are closing in on Russia but the U.S.S.R still has a huge force of tanks and Italy has been invaded over and over by the U.S. and the Brits have taken back most of Africa, now the U.S. is trying to build a Pacific navy again, if this goes on for too much longer we may have to consider a draw. But I think this could be the most awesome game I ever played, by the way it’s the 41’ version.

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