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Aircraft carrier movement…

  • Question: Why can an aircraft carrier move THEN launch fighters as part of a land invasion but cannot move then launch fighters ordinarily.


  • Official Answers

    It can’t.  Fighters always launch before the carrier moves.

  • Customizer

    Basically, it is to prevent people from using carriers to give their Fighters 2 extra moves.

    Think about it more in terms of time than fuel or range.  If the carrier spends all six months moving from hawaii to borneo, there is no more ‘time’ left in the turn for the fighters to move another 4 spaces to persia.

  • But in triple A I can move my carrier FIRST as part of a land invasion… then launch fighters.

    Try it.

  • Official Answers

    Sounds like a bug.

  • @General:

    But in triple A I can move my carrier FIRST as part of a land invasion… then launch fighters.

    Try it.

    Yes you may move Carrier but fighters stay in the sea zone, because in TripleA fighters “take off” at start of the turn of a nations.

    The fact of moving the carriers in the combat move is useful for allowing fighters move “showing” that there is a possible land spot for the fighters.

  • I think I know what’s going on here.

    Triple A allows you to do non combat moves in the combat phase.

    Try it and see 😕

  • Yes, it allows for non combat moves during CM. For fighters and carriers move it seems necessary, because when you move a fighter TripleA allows the move only if there is a valid land spot. Sometime it is needed to move the AC during CM to “show that there is a valid land spot”. So TripleA allows to non combat move the AC during CM. After moving the fighters you may, in case, cancel the move of the AC and then move it during NCM to allows fighters landing.

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