• Hi all I was wondering how u all felt about heavy weapons. An Adjacent unit to a dead unit can pick up a heavy weapon. IE u need more firepower for ur task force/squad, so u see a Mg42 and kill the operatoe and an M1 Riflemen picks it up. Say during causualties if some unit dies near ur units w/ a heavy weapon roll a 5or a 6 to pick up (for time and being able to find it after word0 DOES ANYONE Want to comment?

  • Test Guy,

    I agree that that is standard soldier training because the heavy weapon has a greater opportunity to influence the outcome of the battle than a standard rifle does.  In other games I play, we have that option to pick up the weapons of others.  I accept that that doesn’t happen here and we can say that the weapons were permanently damaged during the fight.

    That said, I wished only yesterday that my Fallschirmjagers could capture and use the Bofors on the Intrepid Hero who sat close by in the woods.

  • ya thats why i made it a 5 or a 6, because u cna’t always find or use the weapon, so do you think it would help if we needed a 6 to pick the weapon up

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