Do you think Germany should go for Brazil or Not ?

  • @GeZe:

    well why take brazil for there soccer team when Germany has 7 cups

    'cuz it’s full of Germans . . . .
    (for you F_alk and FS)

  • so?

  • @GeZe:

    well why take brazil for there soccer team when Germany has 7 cups

    Germany only won three (1954, 1970, 1990), Brasil won 5 up to now…

  • no they won more

  • Germany has only won 3 cups. Brazil has won more cups than any other country with 5. I believe Germany is tied in 2nd, with France and England.

  • only 3?

  • @Yanny:

    Germany has only won 3 cups. Brazil has won more cups than any other country with 5. I believe Germany is tied in 2nd, with France and England.

    Germany is tied second with Argentina, Uruguay and Italy (all three wins). Then come France and England with one win both.

    Americans and Soccer-trivia 🙂 😉 😄

  • 1.) argentina and uruguay just won 2 world cups each, germany is just tied with italy but it won some more “worldcup-silverplaces” and european cups than italy.

    2.) brasilstrategy: If allied airforces are splitted (royal airforce in Karelia, uk-ac defendet but blocked by 1-2 russian fighter us airfoce acting somewhere in pacific or be killed in africa), germany maybe can conquer africa by amphibios assaults in algeria T2 and westafrica T3 (killing us forces with forces from france).
    If it works germany could have got 2trn + 1bb in reach of london, washington, montreal and rio in T4. most times brasil would be the easiest target now.

  • @newby:

    1.) argentina and uruguay just won 2 world cups each, germany is just tied with italy but it won some more “worldcup-silverplaces” and european cups than italy.

    blush how embarrassing for me 🙂

  • Its easy 2nd turn alls you have to do is trick the stupid allies player,
    the germans are after all supermen :-?

  • the germans are after all supermen

    So why did they lose the war (twice, WWI and WWII)? It must be because there are more Germans in America than in Germany.

  • Hey… Defeat is worse than death, you have to live with defeat.

    HELP the paranoids are out to get me!

  • nazi supermen are our rulers-
    The Simpsons

  • definitely not, concentrate on africa if you must dabble in foreign lands…

  • A better use for that transport is to head east towards India. After a couple of turns the Allies will be kicking you out of Africa and if the transport stays it will just die. Let Japan soften up India and have Germany take it. That way Germany gets the money and Japan can keep anyone from taking it back.

    Never actually tried this, just thought of it now.

  • Last time I was in Germany somebody asked me, “So is soccer more popular in the US since your team did so surprisingly well in the World Cup playoffs?” I said,“We were in the World Cup playoffs? What’s that? Some kind of yachting thing?”

    I took Brazil once as Germany on like my 2nd or 3rd game ever, but it’d be insane to try it now, unless I just didn’t give a damm. How do you GET there? That is the problem! You have to break out of the Med somehow & that means the USA & UK Airforce & NAVIES have to be completely neutralized for at least 2-3 turns. If you can do that, then screw Brazil, take UK instead!

    So lets say you take the Suez Canal and defying all logic, load up 2 INF for a trip around the Cape toward the south coast of Brazil. This is such a bizarre ploy the Allies are sure to see it coming & reinforcing Brazil will not take that much time or effort out of their busy schedules.

    To sum up, unless you have temporarily won absolute mastery of the North Atlantic as Germany, going for Brazil is just sheer foolishness. And if somehow you HAVE temporarily won absolute mastery of the North Atlantic (the holy grail of Germany), then what are you bothering w/ Brazil for, you’ve practically won already!


  • I agree with Ozone, by the time it’s feasible to take Brazil you’ve all but won already. The game boils down to maximizing the utilization of equipment. If that transport helps you hold africa (or any fraction) a bit longer it’s worth more than brazil. The allies should always have at least 1 bomber to pick of lone transports to it’s really a moot point already. That 1 german transport might place 4 infantry and 1 tank in africa, that will tie up way more allied equipment than 2 infantry in brazil. Africa is worth 11, but you should think of it as a 22 IPC swing/round……

  • If you are that successful, I recommend your opponents try a new strategy! Or you should seek a new challenge. :roll:

  • I’m a fairly strong player I must admit, if I wasn’t after 100+ games over 20 years I should give it up 🙂 But seriously I do worry that since it’s the same group of guys we’re stagnating and missing ‘new blood’ as it were…. Anybody in S. Ontario up for a game? 🙂


  • Well, the logic is that if Germany have enough time to loose to go for Brazil, It should go for India and help Japan, or Germans should send down a transport ot Australia, or that German transport should try to float all across the map to return to Germany as a long time traveller and hero (even if he didn’t conquered, he made all the map…)

    Of course, this is prety impossible…

    On this idea, we were playing a game that last long enough (A&A long… nah! 😃 ) that my transport in Solomons Islands (send down from Japan in the middle of the game) had one infantry that almost did it all the way across the map, stopped (wich is normal) just after Panama (the interessting thing is that he was dropped in Australia, New Zeland, India, Iraq, Africa, Germany (to support ?!), Gibraltar, Panama and then was killed by a US Bomber, on the other side of the Panama.

    Well, that is maybe the longest course a simple infantry as done, he ended in Panama 'cuz the transport was killed, and then , my Jap hero was kicked off the map by US… so sad for my hero…

    Did anyone ever tried to accomplish this ? (i dont think so but…)

    And you will all ask, why ?? why send to "hell a trans and one infantry, i dont have the answer, just for fun!

  • That happened to me! A very early game (when none of us had a clue & games were waaay less predictable) I was losing my shirt as Germany & the end was near so I spent all my ICs building a fleet & sent it through the Suez (which I still owned) w/ 2 INF & 2 FTRs. My Gerrys took Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand & BRAZIL before being caught & eliminated–by a RUSSIAN FLEET! Of course the game was already nearly lost, but the Allies had to use so much effort taking Japan (we didn’t know the importance of strat-bombing in a situation like this) that my little holdouts caused a lot of headaches. It would be sooo cool if that could happen again, but no–it NEVER will!


  • Well, I didnt tought that anyone would live a situation like mine 😃

    Anyone else who got a war hero ?

    (Sidenote, just 'cuz my “travelling” INFANTRY was “a hero” I placed a marker (JAP) under it for one turn, it was is reward 😃 )

  • LOL! 😄

    IMO its very important to maintain that sense of fun & adventure even as the game gets more strategic and “serious” as the players get better. I have a lot of stories about “hero” units. One that springs to mind is a German BB piece that seemed to be “charmed”. We used it as the start BB in 2 games in a row and it was indestructible! I think it sank like 7 planes & who knows how many ships in both games! However, the 3rd game I lost the piece–that is, we couldn’t agree which of the 3 German BB’s it was! So the charmed BB is whatever one scores a good victory in a game. Of course, we call it the “Bismarck” even though that was a decidedly unlucky ship. & come to think of it the A & A German BB really represents the Italian fleet! Oh well…

    When I’m losing badly I still try to liven up the game w/ wild final moves & especially “escapes” as Germany (SUBs are good for this). Doesn’t work as often anymore tho!


  • True, & a good point. I suppose since the fleet is dead in the Med anyways a move out is practical. Also, Syria/Iraq SZ is about the only relatively safe SZ in the Med as well!

    Can the German fleet help more outside the Med for several turns than it can in the Med for only a few? One wonders… 😮

    Only problem is, I continue to fail in my attempts to convice my esteemed colleagues of the necessity for a bid… 😢

    Germany rules!


  • Go Leafs Go!!! I’m down the QEW (and 406) in Port Colborne, there are 5 other guys from Hamilton and Welland that play. We’re all mid-30’s guys who still find time for AD&D and various board games. I’ve got a good gig working from home so my time is fairly flexible.


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