• What about the following idea:

    Additionally to ICs which still cost 15$ any Nation may build barracks.

    here my rules:

    • barracks cost 6 IPC
    • barracks may be build according to the same rules as ICs
    • barracks allow to build as many units as the IPC value of the country (same rule as ICs) but only infantry
    • If a country has an IC, no barracks can be build there
    • If barracks are captured, they can be used the next turn, exactly as ICs
    • barracks can be SBR’d but get only 1/2 damage, rounded. A dice roll of 4 will cause 2 damage markers, a roll of 3 just 1 damage marker.
    • tanks blitzing into a country with barracks must stop

    My Idea: make the game more interesting, have more places where units are build and create much more battle areas, especially in the Aisia/Pacific theatre
    Only Russia may not use barracks, but all other nation may prefer barracks instead of ICs.

    reasonable countries for barracks:

    Germany: Poland, France, Hungary, Romania, maybe Egypt
    UK: India,South Africa, Egypt, Burma, Norway, Finland, East Indies and/or Borneo, maybe Australia
    US: Philippines, Norway, Finland, maybe Brazil
    Japan: FIC, Burma, Manchuria, Kiangsu, East Indies and/or Borneo
    Italy: Egypt

    At a first glance barracks seem to make ICs obsolete, but remember, only infantry be be build there.

    So what do you think ?

  • I think it’s a very interesting idea - perhaps something like this could make it into a future version.

    They’re probably a bit strong - perhaps $8 and can produce infantry equal to the value of the territory minus one (otherwise you risk sidelining transports).  But i like the concept - it might heat up the action in different areas (india, africa in particular).

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    This is a great idea! I will be using Infrantry Barracks in my house rules however, I agree that they should be $8.  Bravo.

  • Hi, I’ve been reading post for a long time. Today seemed like a good day to pop my cherry so I registered. I like the inf barracks, thought about using it myself. Cost @ 7 ipc, but can upgrade to full IC for 10 ipc. Another way to get inf in to the game is to allow 1 inf to be mobilized at any VC @ say 4 ipc, maybe 2 inf at Paris (worth more).

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    I think they should be called “Hospitals” instead of “Barracks” (just a thought).

  • If you call them hospitals then maybe this: after a battle, if you lose inf, then maybe roll a die and on x or less (i am not sure if on 2 or 1) the inf is send to the hospital. After some turns, representing his recovery, the inf can be used. What do you say?

  • you can use Monopoly house pieces to represent your barracks

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