Suggestions? On A&AE, fastest way to oil money for germ

  • I need thoughts from you dear friends on how the germans can conquer the oil lands easily??

    Or even using IPC to take it more faster? Suggestions?

    I have been thinking how I can manage to conquer it in turn 4-5 totally or almost, but it doesn’t work if the allies play wisely. Turn 3 is almost impossible, but if that can be achieved your game will be much more easier to handle when playing germans.

    Any suggestions??

  • Why worry about conquering the oil lands when you can have Russia in about the same time? If you can have the Allies send forces at you in Africa, that is a plus in its self. It keeps them away from Berlin and from helping Russia. If you can get the oil lands, that is the cherry on top.
    However, a traditional start in your case is to buy a tranny on first turn and to take out Malta.

  • Well, you as GER start with a minimal force in the Med theater, and must counter the Brits on the scene. The oil really is the whipped cream. Paramount is to keep hold of your own southern front. If the UK plunks down 6ICs on Malta in Turn Zero, in the form of 2inf, then it will be nearly impossible to dislodge them on Turn One.

    Still, you have more forces available to slam the UK deployment. Depending on how aggressive Montgomery is coming out of Egypt, you will eventually get your chance for an amphib assault or two, and then it’s a cake walk into the oil fields. I recommend sinking the EMed task force early on. You could also use BB & DD to dispatch the DD in the Straits of G on Turn One while your transport ferries an extra unit or two to Tunisia.

    The real math concerns whether you decide to buy an extra TP to ace the invasion of Malta. Fine and dandy, but that’s 8PCs that won’t be going into ground action on the Eastern Front.

    One thing’s for sure: you don’t want that Ftr buzzing around, or let it escape back to the UK or into Russia, if you can help it!

  • don’t know the game well, but i really like the idea of a first round ftr purchase for Tunisia.
    This way first turn you can knock off the Malta fighter, bring in a dd and either a couple inf, or an inf and art. Take the BB (alone) to the DD at Gibralter, and move your other African forces over one.
    Or leave them and move them the next turn.
    The beauty of the ftr purchase is it might well serve you the whole game - esp when clearing UK navy in the med.

  • I usually don’t worry about Oil money. But then again, in my PBEM games, the game is usually won or lost on turn 7.

  • Doctor Crypt, that’s a pretty intriguing idea there – Ftr being the most mobile unit available for the price, you could really clean house across the Med in an accelerated manner, regardless of Allies T00 purchase. And then you’ve got the Ftr ready to zoom in to the hotter front above the 42nd parallel, whether East or West. Might be fun!

  • exactly
    the destroyer would be the better purchase for the allies (better to shield trns with).
    For the Germans the ftr would help clean the south, and then come help out the eastern front. As the Germans don’t rely on destroyers/trns as much, the ftrs would be handy for close range attacks on allied ships.
    Naturally a strong case could be made for nearly any other purchase. I also like 3 art at the russian front . . . .

  • The point in trying to take the oil money is that you cripple the russians and the cream is that you get more ipc. And you get a new threat to caucasus although mostly a small one, but still in my mind taking the oil money away from the allies helps you a lot in taking moscow.

    Just think who usually gets the 8ipc or most of them in games?? Americans, not likely…russians always get them. Buying 10 inf in a turn really makes it hard for the germans to punch through if the russian player is wise…

  • Grabbing oil ipcs becomes most effective in a game longer than six turns. Up until then, I’m not sold on the value. The drain likely will be on American production; as Allied player I am going to keep Soviet ipcs as high as possible, and let cash-rich USA foot the bill.

  • Zimzax, you are somewhat correct. That is why I am finding solutions for taking the oil money fast away from the allies??

    But you are saying that your games don’t go over 6 turns?

    Many of close call wins have been over 6 turns the soviets being beaten in turns 7-9 latest and the allies breathing close in berlin.

    The additional IPC from africa + the soviet ipc you gain offset the balance you must leave for the allies…

    And most of all if you leave the africa too easily to the allies, expect bombing raids really fast to italy and when that starts happening goodbye german might…

  • Thamor, you may consider me guilty of guesstimating.
    I really haven’t played all that many games of A&AE yet.

    Your points seem exceptionally well reasoned & backed by good evidence.

    Sure, it seems a game may of A&AE might often be tipped one way or the other by the barest handful of infantry. The outcome in such a game would certainly be affected by the 8 Oil IPCs taken and held by Axis over several turns!

    That oil in Axis hands is sand in the Allied machine.

  • I like to buy 1 arm 1 inf 1 art on turn o for Tunisia. That helps Rommel out a bit.

  • @Snowman:

    I like to buy 1 arm 1 inf 1 art on turn o for Tunisia. That helps Rommel out a bit.

    I tried that once, and the immediate response was more inf in Egypt on T0 by the Allies.  My thoughts were a couple of tanks in Tunisia could help close the gap to the mideast with their movement.  If they survived, there would be a chance they could blitz through the Russian back door and possibly reinforce the Eastern Front.

  • In the games I’ve played, I haven’t needed to place any more units in the Med. I just use 1 inf, 1 art and the BB and destroyer to take out the Malta plane on G1. Then kill the UK ships with the BB and destroyer (BB taking a hit) and land 1 inf + 1 art (possibly 1 inf from Southern Italy) to Libya with the rest of Rommel’s forces all on G2. Then on G3 you can send the BB and destroyer out to the Atlantic or for a bombardment in the Middle East if possible, while landing 2 more inf from Greece and Crete in the Middle East with the trn. This way, you will have a sizable force to take the Middle East by G4, while not diverting any resources from Russia or the Atlantic. If you wanted to take the Middle East before then I suppose you would have to place units there on T0.

  • The best reason for taking ME oil has to be forcing the USSR to defend another border. To do this though, you will need a big enough force to not only take the ME, but to also threaten the USSR and force them to fight on two fronts.

  • initial 12 IPCs: 1 Fghtr in Yugoslavia
    –> (better than tunisia as it does not reveal the real intentions yet! From Yugoslavia you can use it perfectly on the russian front for an eastern front initial move or for a middle east oil blitz!)

    Assumption: no UK reinforcement buy with 12 IPCs!

    N.Italy (Fgthr) + Yugoslavia (Fightr) + Germany (Bmbr) -> Eastern Mediterranean sinking UK fleet
    Tyrrh. Sea (DD, Tr (Art fr. N.Italy, Inf fr. S.Italy)) -> Sicilian Sea (amphibious assault on Malta)
    Tyrrh. Sea (BB) -> Strait of Gibraltar

    Tunisia (all) -> Libya
    leave 1 Inf in S.Italy to join most likely remaining Art on Malta for next round transport!
    be prepared to have 1 Art in Greece for the following round in conjunction with Crete Infantry to perform the next landing!

    If all goes at least statistically half of Med East is yours by round 4 threatening the other 4 IPCs for round 5!
    This can be far more as a bonus if the game lasts more than 6 rounds for the ultimate moscow battle to happen (which can be absolutely possible if the allies play very smartly counterwise an all out russia attack!).

    Note: 8 oil IPCs conquered is a difference of 16 IPCs as the Allies must pay Germany directly and at this early stage it can definately make the difference! This additional money can still reach Moscow as you can afford more tanks (or later Bmbrs)(with enough movement range to join the concentration of troops late) and the Allies (most likely USA) has 8 IPCs less to reinforce Russia or put pressure on Germany! Usually all this buys Germany time and power to crunch Russia, even if is is one round (or two rounds) later but with even better odds.

  • xxstefanx, this move frees your med fleet for the atlantic theater.
    There are three difficulties:

    1. It is a horrible feeling losing one or two fighters. One is the average. 😢
    2. The destroyer has to move with the btls to gibraltar. The UK may land fighters here after a 2 fig 1 bomb attack on a lone btls
    3. Malta has to be taken. With only one transport and without any bombardment this is a tight fight. Should it be lost the trans will be sunk.

    Solution? Spend 20 ipc for 1 trans 1 des on T1, skip malta, take Gibraltar and have a turbo supply tube of 1 des 2 trans which this lonely, pesky fighter cannot attack.

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