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Question about submarine Aircraft carrrier battle

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    What I should understant about “six of one, half a dozen of the other”, is that it is just an expression to illustrate complexity?

    It’s an expression to indicate that two things are just about the same.  There are 12 in a dozen, so half a dozen is six.  In saying “six of one, half a dozen of the other”, you’re basically saying they’re both six, and therefore the same, even though you’re saying it differently.

    Now I see, sorry I was a little slow here: english is not my mother tongue.

    I made a new thread in the House Rule section.
    It has a revised version of the summary of Subs rules, can you check, please,  if all things are now corrected?

    Only one thing:  The rule about subs preventing unescorted transports offloading for an amphibious assault only applies to the 2nd editions of 1940 and 1942, not the 1st editions.

    I made the correction, hope all is correct.
    Thanks again for the supervision.
    If you have any idea about the release year of classic editions, I will incorporate them in my post.

  • Official Answers

    1st: 1984
    2nd: 1986
    3rd: 1997

  • 2017 2016


    1st: 1984
    2nd: 1986
    3rd: 1997

    Thanks again.

    Now, I hope I will find time to describ  the evolution of the control effect of Subs on SZ.

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