• Am I a bit of a noob raising this question? has this question been tackled in antiquity? What is the consensus on the issue: after playing approximatley >20 games, I think it would be funny just to watch how Britain and France which had larger armies, navies and air force, managed to get beaten by Germany.

    For a year; 1940, Britain stood alone as the only power successfully resisting the Axis.  How would this play itself out?

  • If France, Poland, Austria-Hungry, and Greece are in the game, then Germany and Japan get two turns each in the first round as the aggressors.

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    I think the only way to do this would be to either:

    1)  Make a Eastern Allies Team (UK, Eastern US, France with other European nations) and a Pacific Allies Team (Western US, UK Islands). 
    Obviously the European part of the Eastern Alliance would get chewed up pretty quickly.  Russia would still be their own power.


    2)  The Player that controls France and the European Allies automatically becomes (or also plays) the US player once Europe falls.  The US player would literally have to have no units to start with and start with 0 cash, such that their first turn they can do nothing but collect income.  That means US can’t realistically get into the game until Round 3.  I think something like that could work.

  • There is an edition I have of an axis and allies expansion made by Xeno games : World at War

    Here is a link to a random ( but well made 🙂 ) fan site describing it

    As in aniversary edition, China is a power but with a factory and it’s own income
    France is also a power with it’s own factory and it’s own income

    Italy is not however a power. I think this would have been great and made the game perfect. It is the best version of A&A I ever played except that it is slighty scripted for the first few  turns.

    To agree with calm dragon, Germany do enjoy a 2 move/attacks first turn to simulate their blitz

  • @CalmDragon:


    what are you talking about?

  • @Emperor_Taiki:



    what are you talking about?

    I spelled it wrong but it was an area invaded… http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Maps_of_Austria-Hungary

  • I think the problem with a 1939 varient is it would have to many special rules and seem almost too automatic for the 1st few turns to be any fun (for me at least).

    That being said if you wanted to do it and avoid as many special rules as possible:
    1)maybe have a 4th ally listed as “other allies”: It could represent France, Poland, Greece, The Dutch, Belgium, and Norway.  They would probably only get 1 IC in france and you would expect them to fall fairly quick.  If you wanted, you could probably just merge it all with the UK and still only have 1 IC on London.
    2)Also, maybe other than a small force in the Phil and maybe a token pacific fleet, have the US wiped clean of any forceson the board
    3) Make sure Germany and Russia cant reasonably attack eachother anywhere for 1 or 2 turns (except maybe fin/kar).
    4) Make sure the Japanese have enough attacks to be obvious and attack to where they would roughly be by 41 (hong kong, dutch forces, chinese forces for example)

    Off the top of my head that is the best I can think of without it becoming a “rules game” like the US can only attack odd number of territories if the Japanese player says “I’m a little teapot” 5 times fast and for three turns the US can lend X amount of dollars to nation X.  All this and Germany gets to attack in a special (but loveable) way for 2 turns.

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