• ….Since Jennifers computer started to act up!  😉

    I was reading over at AAMC that she had to send out her laptop for a new fan, so she froze her computer in order to get an email out to AAMC telling her opponents her situation.

    Anyways, there is a reason why the Jenn post count is frozen (pun intended)  8-)

  • What is AAMC?

  • @bongaroo:

    What is AAMC?

    axis and allies member club http://aamc.net/bunker/

  • It does seem quieter overall on the forum.  Do you think it’s because the added interest and hype do to AA50 wear off?

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Yea, and it’s still in the shop too.

    Here’s the sit (pronounced “sitch”)

    I run off a laptop all the time.  A 90 watt power supply uses significantly less power than a 600 watt power supply, especially if you leave your machine on 24/7 like I do. (Yes, I know, the damage from power up/power down is no longer significant like it was in the late 80’s and the old 8086 processors (80386 DX, 80486, etc)).

    There is a lot of construction going on in my neighborhood atm.  The home owner’s association decided to reside and reroof all the units, so as you can imagine, the air is about as polluted as the air in Bejing China atm!

    The system fan (that would be the big fan in the unit, not the heat sink/fan on the processor) got clogged with debris and the brushes (the things that make the fan blades move) wore out so the fan does not blow anymore.  Thus, the system builds up heat (despite the external cooling pad I had under it) and shuts down to prevent damage to the processor.

    The unit is under warranty still, but since it is a laptop, they cannot just send me a fan to pop in there.  They have to remove the hard drives and RAM and put them into a completely new enclosure (yay me) which of course means a complete format and reload of the software (yay me again) before they can send it back.

    So that’s what’s goin on.  (Yay me.)  So I get to sit in a library and try to get posts in every so often (yay me) but I have not disappeared!

    I have canceled all my competition games at AAMC because there are time limits and new rounds of the tourney have to start, etc.  I’m confident that league games I have here will be fine to continue, since we technically have until at least December 1st to complete or get close to completion for the year.

    I do ask that if it has been a few days (ie a week) and I have not posted, or you see I posted somewhere but not in your game, you bump it because by the time I get back, there are 13+ pages of new posts to go through and I sometimes miss games.


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