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    So, first turn as japan, what do you do?

    I usually do an IC in Manchuria, But I was thinking I could switch it to Burma to pressure Russia better from the south.

  • in the game i have going now, 42 scenario,NO on, tech on, i have a IC in Man, FIC, Burma, and india(thank you UK).  lots of tanks heading to moscow,  indian ocean is flooded with jap ships, and east africa is about to be Japanese.  the UK put a IC in SAF, soon to be jap, and also they put one in AUS, also soon to be Jap.  the UK and US are busy bothering GER, and russia is just trying to hold on.  i like as many IC as possible, and i have put ICs in east indies and borneo in other games with some succes.  prefer them on the mainland though.

  • You can’t really go wrong.  I lean towards FIC, or burma if it’s safe.  The Manchuria IC gives better short term results as it pops 3 units on the continent, but the others are more strategically located for later in the game (they are closer to the action).  It depends in part how well your J1 attacks go.  If they go poorly, you may need to build in Manchuria to consolidate your position in Asia.  Otherwise, look south to pressure russia.

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    Sumatra.  Why is it not a poll choice?

    I prefer transports over IC’s, because transports can also move ground units a lot faster than having them walk from IC’s.

    Sumatra’s at the other end of the empire, and can be built J1 (unlike India).  I do not like to build an IC that can only build two units a turn.

    I often play that no IC’s can be built on islands, though.  In that case, I choose the option of “wait until I get India” and try to get India in round 2 or 3 (don’t attack Yunnan J1)

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    Japan starts with only 1 transport, so it may need to hold off on buying an IC until J2 or J3.  First priority ought to be consolidating the empire and nabbing all 3 NOs.

    Once Japan is ready Manchuria is a good choice, but Frindo/Burma might be good choices in some circumstances.

  • If America leaves the Pacific, I’m often seen placing 3 IC’s, one in Bor, one in Sum, and one in Ind.

    With 6 TP’s, 4@SZ35, 2@SZ49, I’m throwing 6 inf 1 art 4 arm at Russia per turn. That’s 42 IPC, but if I’m making that much before NO’s, why not? Russia can never withstand that force. Any extra IPC’s are spent on bombers at Japan, to be thrown across Asia to aid against Russia.

    That’s if America leaves Japan alone, though.

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