• i have the choice between guadalcanal and dday (local gameshop).  i have aa50 and would like a shorter version to play(aa50 to long for brief afternoon game).  could you give me some help i cant decide.  please give a couple reasons.

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    I have GC only and think it is a reasonable game. From what I have read on the forums DDay seems to be the least popular. Perhaps someone who has played both can advise further.

  • i have dday, not GC… D day is OK, but you dont buy reinforcements.  all new troops are predetermined, its just a matter of how many you get each turn and where you put them.  i think i played Dday 3-4 times, thats it.  it was fun, just we liked AAP, AAE, AAR better.  now we only play aa50.  i have been interested in GC though…

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    GC is ten times better and can be completed in 2 hours

  • @Bob_A_Mickelson:

    GC is ten times better and can be completed in 2 hours

    I like D-day better.

    the system is more similar to the classic AA system.

    GC has this battlebox I dont like, I dont like the way units move, I dont like artillery sinkink ships etc etc

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