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When and where are tourneys

  • 😮 I have no clue how to find and get in the a&a tournyes

  • Search on the internet for gaming conventions. Find one that is close enough for you to attend. Look at the events list for the convention to see if any A&A tournaments are going to be held.

  • The BPA (Boardgaming Players Association) has a huge tournement (200+ games) The last week of July to the First week of August. I’ll be there.

    Moving to events forum.

  • I think this person may be interested in how to get into one of the tourney’s being held on THIS site.

  • Maybe he could be one of the byes……

  • i would like to be one of the byes, but that doesn’t seem fair to the people who have made it through 1 or two rounds. perhaps we just wait until the next tourney. i am up for an interim game until then though. after wild took berlin in round 3, i think i have spent enough time licking my wounds/pride. (was a little different than playing the AI that builds transports w/o having any infantry to transport on the computer game)

  • Moderator

    There is a spring tourney PBEM sign up listed in the games section. I was hoping we’d get 8 players, but right now we’re stuck at 2, and have been for a while. 😞

    We need some more players!!! 😄

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