An effective allied strategy.

  • Have Russia fight for continued control of karalina ssr while the US captures norway and finland. Then to help keep a severe German presence out of Russia the uk will keep capturing France (11 IPCs a turn for UK). The US can build ICs in norway and finland for 5 units a turn directly on the front rather than transporting (2 turns away) from US.  Then the US can along with Russia push Germany back to Europe.  This has been effective for me the couple of times I have used it.  Another ideo would be for Russia to allow the US to capture Poland so the US can build an IC and units there.

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    When do you land with the US in Nor?

    You can do it in Rd 2 with an Inf/Rt but you’ll need UK Naval support in Sz 6 or 3.  Or do you land in Rd 3 or later?

    I used to like trying to take both with Russia, but that seems to be harder to do lately since Germany usually has a decent sized stack in BST after G1.  Also I think having one of the other Allies take Fin or Nor is a good idea b/c it allows direct naval placement into Sz 5 (with an IC) which might be needed.

    If you can pull off a US rd 2 landing, you can probably put the IC down on Nor on US 3 while you take Fin and then follow-up with the other IC.

    I think we should assume Ger takes Egy in Rd 1, so what are you UK 1 buys and how do you deal with Afr?

  • I did this too a couple of times, I land on round 2 with US and I ‘‘sacrifice’’ the transport in worst case scenario.

    The hardest to deal with is If finland is stacked with 4 german infantry and 1 fighter, however it normally means UK BB and transport are alive.

    Russia can straffe Finland one battle round from Karelia and let UK drop in Finland on their turn supported by it’s whole air force/pot shot. It’s likely you will win but not take the territory ( killing a german fighter in the process). Fighters lands in Karelia, which can now be holded firm against Germany ( assuming german planes went after UK navy/Egypt ).

    Round 2 US come by and take position as you reffered. Drawback is that Germany enjoys 5 IPC and possibly it’s baltic transport one more turn.

  • With the UK i usually send some fighters to deal with the infantry attacking or that has taken Egypt.

    Then when the US is in round two or three that I take Norway depending on what looks better.

    Also at this point Germany has already sent the starting infantry into karalina ssr so they aren’t a problem.

  • I find best way to protect Kar is to have 3-4 trannies in SZ 2 at the end of UK1, then if needed drop the entire thing onto Kar.

    I’d rather deny G 7 IPC and Russia 5 than let Kar get traded.  Its too much of a pita for Russia to trade it and keep Persia held and Cauc.  I really like it when I get to kill a stack of G armor in the process 🙂  Its also very tough for G to hit SZ 4 with planes so your DD+AC from turn 1 should be enough defense for your boats as figs must be in Baltic States or within range of your trannies to hit your boats.

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