• Okay, I have been playing axis and allies like this for 10 years.

    If you have every played diplomacy, you know there is no rolls of the dice, and the most important factor, (everyone does thier moves at the same time, writing them down)

    I borrowed the “move at the same time” Turn phase and incorporated it in axis and allies, and guess what.


    (first you need to photocopy the mini map in the rules book)
    *find a photocopier that will enlarge the map at least 3 x’s the original size. Or double the size, twice.

    Then # the sea squares or letter them. Then letter or # the map sea squares to match the photocopy.
    Then make 100 copies (this will last SEVERAL games)

    Now you set up like normal, but here there is some differences.

    1>everyone buys and rolls for super weapons at same time.

    2>everyone places thier men at the same time.

    3>then the game proceeds.

    First everyone is handed a map(photo copy)
    *you will write the orders on the back of the map or on pads of paper, you can get at any store.
    (each person should get thier own pad)

    Now you write your attack/move orders
    and here is an example

    1)attack from poland 1armour 2 inf to chechnya.
    2)attack from yugogslave 2 fighter to chechnya land yugoslave (you can use short forms for the territores)
    3)sub attack ss (sea square) #39 destroyer (you must specify what your attacking, i will explian this later why, another rule change that makes it more fun and challenging)
    4) move 4 inf germ to western france.

    NOW everyone once done writing down there attacks/moves (ANY FORGOTTEN MOVE OR ATTACK NOT WRITEN is not preformed **PLEASE SEE EXCEPTION)
    NOW move the men but do not resolve attacks until everyone has moved thier peices (this adds an element of surprise and trickery, since you might move into a provice, and that unit(s) might have attacked/moved elsewhere!

    *exception to the move/attack phase (and this is up to the players before start of play)
    If two units that are enemies are in the same square after the move/attack phase , they can either resolve conflict as both attackers (hence simulating a surprise battle).
    OR both stay in the square but now niether has ownership since it will not resolve until one country claims total ownership (this can simulate a “trenched” in square).
    The second rule can be very fun, simulating a TRENCH line type battles that resources can keep moving into the territory, until one side becomes the victor for the square, which can last many battles.

    Now for rules with airplanes, They can land in a newly won sqaure right away (but if there are enemy troops in the square it must fight it out with them because it cannot land in enemy occupied territory).

    Sea rules, THIS is a fun new challenge too.

    If you move an attacking unit into a square and state your attacking a specific unit (you must state before your attack with a sea unit what enemy unit your attacking) IE you state you are attacking a carrier BUT that carrier anticipated this attack and moved into a different square BUT that square still hold 2 transports, You miss your opportunity to attack in that square.YOU CANNOT ATTACK THOSE TRANSPORTS UNTIL NEXT ROUND.
    EVEN if there are other units in that space. (this simulates the vast expanse of the sea)

    This simulates as well the cat and mouse game commander on the sea experienced. Makes it very fun trying to guess where the enemy is going to be, and second guess where to place your attack.

    This is the new rules in a nutshell, everything else is the same. As far as rolling for super weapons etc.

    Try this out, you will find that NO OTHER board games come close to playing this way, and if you are lucky enough to have 5 players playing like this, it makes diplomacy and combined attacks DEADLY.

  • I do not think the Axis would stand a chance without some sort of modified board set-up.

  • ya UK, USA, USSR all attacking at once!

  • Beleive it or not, try it, you will find out germany gets the job done, you have to help out if your axis.

    I been playing this for 10 years, it works honest.

    try it , i fyou dont’ like it, whats it cost, a pad of paper and some photocopies, it is well worth it.

  • OK when I try it Ill post what happend

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