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    If an assault is made using both sea based and land based troops ie. attacking from a sz and territory, are there any retreat options? Second can air units retreat once land units are eliminated. My understanding is no on both counts. Third,is there uniformity regarding  amphib assault rules in the different versions and spinoffs?

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    You’re correct.  No retreats are possible from an amphibious assault.  If any single unit came to the battle by sea, no unit may retreat, including air units.

    This rule was relaxed somewhat in Europe, Pacific and Revised.  In those games, air units are allowed to retreat together at the end of any combat round, leaving the land units to fend for themselves.  However, land units that joined the assault by land still can’t retreat.

    Anniversary took this a step further, allowing any units that did not arrive by sea to retreat normally at the end of any combat round.  However, they must all retreat together, along with any air units.

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    Now that I have this straight I will proceed a little further. In the later versions if the naval battle failed any committed land based or air units still have to commit to one round before retreating. However, if the naval battle succeeds the attack can be called off with the exception of aircraft which have to fight one round. Does this also apply to committed land base units? I would think so.

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    Yes, that’s correct.  Note, however, that the choice of calling off a declared amphibious assault after a successful naval battle has been removed in the Anniversary game.

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    thank you Krieg

  • Attack Hawaii is mandatory on J1.

    1. The Net IPC loss for the allies is way higher than the net loss for Japan.
    2. You don’t want that fleet in the Atlantic.

    Btw transports > IC on round 1… You can start to think about buying IC’s on J3 or further, you just lack the infantry support to make a decent push to Moscow if you invest in IC’s too early.

    Don’t take Hawaii… Just take PH heavily. sub/carrier/2 fighters/bomber or something, the USA can’t waste rescources to Japan if they go KGF and it would cost them a lot to first counter and the delay for Russia will be devistating

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