Im a new AA player and wondering if i should buy AA europe or AA1942 in august?

  • title says it all…

    anyway I’ve narrowed it down to those two games, i’ve looked in to the other games but they don’t interest me and i don’t really want to pay $100 for AA50. I’ve easily found all of the board games except the 2004 revised one which is out of print. So AA europe or wait until August for AA1942? (i’m more into geting AA1942 but i gotta wait till august 😞 the time will kill me… lol

    Once again i’m a new AA player, haven’t even tried any of the games yet but want to play AA badly and i mean really badly 😄

    P.S. when you play AA games, with who do you play?
    i think if i get the game, me and my friend can play any time, and gather 1 or 2 more people once a while for 2v2 games or something.

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    1,000 % AA42

    AAE is broken and outdated ideas. Id expect a new version to appear in a few years

  • ya just found out AAE was made in 1999.

    i guess i’ll just have to wait a few months for the new edition.
    lame… no axis and allies for me 😞
    just when i was getting interested in the game.

  • just buy any of them.  they are all fun, and are “broken” only to those people that have played them a lot.  when i first got AAE, i thought it was great.  i never play it now, but it was lots of fun.  and it will give you the fix you need till aa42 comes out.

  • @crix:

    ya just found out AAE was made in 1999.

    i guess i’ll just have to wait a few months for the new edition.
    lame… no axis and allies for me 😞
    just when i was getting interested in the game.

    Play Revised online until then  8-) 8-)

    A&A is kind of interesting as it scales very well from 2-4 players.  5 player games aren’t as good though, IMO.

  • lol i looked at the side bar and got excited: Axis & Allies Revised  $34.99*

    i click on it and it sends me to amazon selling the game for $99 -.-

    by the way 401gamers (google it) has all the games and really cheap AA50 for 99$, and they have some 10% discount.

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    Isn’t AA42 just a revision of Revised?

    If I was gonna buy one (besides Revised) I’d probably try for Anniversary…but I understand that was limited edition so the price just keeps going up.

    Idk much about AA:Europe but AA:Pacific is a neat game.

  • The '42 edition will be a world war game with the newest rule-set from the evolution of all the AA games.

    AAE is going to be the European theater of the war, so the scope of the game may be deciding issue.

    that being said, if you might like AA at all you’ll probably enjoy either of them or the others, each has it’s own unique spin.
    If you can afford it, I’d say get AAE and then expand into '42 in the fall.

    *-balance for any of the games is in the eye of the beholder.  Because countries do not start with the same income or units the game is not balanced.  But their opportunities to win bring the balance into reality and the dice rolls help to balance it.  Unless you plan to start playing tourneys you probably need not listen to these conversations.

    *-the questions about one or any of the games being broken are really not worth getting caught up in either, there was a thought that AAE was broken for years but appears that people just didnt’ spend the time coming up with strategies.  Turns out the counter to it being broken was quite simple.

    If you hang out on any site about AA long enough you will find people complaining about everyone of the games being broken and just because someone says it, doesn’t mean you’ll hate it.

    *i prefer to play face-to-face; just more fun to be in the room with friends playing, but between those times online will work too.

  • on a side note, i just searched ebay and found several revised, ranging from $21.50 (current bid) to 32.50 (buy it now) with more than 10 available.

  • I don’t like AAE. I would go for AA42, I think it will be great, taking the best from AA50, but without Italy.

  • '10

    just played AAE last night. still like it. if you want to try a game that isnt “broken” give AAP a spin.

  • @hakan:

    I don’t like AAE.

    Why ? Because Sweden is neutral ? It hurts to remember that in Norway we got only one Quisling, but Sweden got 7 millions quislings ?

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    LOL!!! 😄

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