Any Colorado players out there? AA50 and Diplomacy

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    We can usually get a big enough group to play every weekend or every other. 
    Anyone here interested in joining us for some AA50 or Diplomacy?
    We have the games usually in Denver or Boulder. (colorado)


  • I live just N. of Ft. Collins.  What day(s) do you play on, and where at?

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    That might be a bit of a drive for you.  We play in either Boulder or Denver.  I take the bus around since I am paying for college and can’t afford a car. 
    We play whenever we can get 4 non-flaky people together (or 6-7 for diplomacy).  Usually thursdays, fridays, saturdays, or sundays, and we try for every other week.  Usually start in the afternoon.
    PM me your phone number if you are interested (i usually text people try and set up a game)

  • Hey there,

    I don’t play Diplomacy at all, but I do play AA50 and so does my brother.  We both live in Brighton, but work in Boulder.  Do you usually try to get a whole game done in one sitting?


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    We try to, but if its taking too long we can leave it there for the next day or something.

  • Hey guy’s I know this is an old thread, but I play 40 Global and have a custom board printed out and laminated over 110" long. I am PCS’ing to FT. Carson in October and looking for people to play when I move out there.

    Let me know if you guy’s still play!

  • Hey,

    I just saw your post about playing some global. I’m from the Springs as well. It’s not exactly in the Springs area, but try out this group.

    I just joined that group myself and have only been to one game day, but they have several AA40 maps setup and a pretty solid group of people (I want to say 10 people were there last saturday). They meet up every other weekend.

    There’s at least one other AA40 player from the group down here in the springs and we carpooled up last time. So you could join our little carpool and save on gas. We will also be trying to get a game going in his garage next week. PM me here on in the above group for details.


  • I’ve played with the group in Denver and they are a good group. If anyone is interested in getting a Colorado springs game together, That would be way more convenient. I would even be willing to host.

  • Sweet, sounds good. I’ll send you a PM with my contact info.

  • Springs player here too.  Hope to get some local games going.

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