What is the difference between AA50 and AA Revised?

  • Hey,

    I’d like to buy AA50, and probably will in a few days, but first i need to know a bit more info about AA50 and the AA revised. If someone has the patience, please state it here 😄

    also do you think a 12/13 year olds would be interested in playing this game? i hear it takes like 3 hours to finish a “quick” game, their attention span may not even be 30min. lol.
    which one should i buy for 2v2 games, with teenagers?
    anyway thx for your time 🙂

  • AA50.

    that really depends on the person if their interested in chess and war history then they will probably like it

    AA50 is just a superior game over revised

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    I’d say it depends.  If you are big fan of A&A and can get AA50 then I would, but if you’re not sure if 12/13 yr olds would like it, you might want to go with Revised (cheaper).  I think AA50 runs at least $100 and an updated Revised Version in August will be about $35.  But like I said if you are huge fan then you might want to get the Anniversary addition while you still can.

    I’ll also say I started playing A&A when I was around 12 which was 20 yrs ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.  😄

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    Oh yeah, some differences:

    AA50 has Two scenerios - '41 and '42, more units, more territories, playable Italy, more china territories.

    Revised is probably a bit more straight forward, maybe slightly simplier rules (at least if you are new to A&A).

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    in Revised, the Allies win
    in AA50, the Axis win

    that, and you get a bigger board, more units that are more balanced and have a better price structure, Italy and China are included, although if you have 6 or 7 players I think those 2 guys would get bored and possibly angry from having to play their pitiful nations
    if you are on a budget, or if you want a quicker game, you could just buy Revised but adopt some of the rules from AA50.
    You could adopt the AA50 Tech Tree and Researcher tokens rules for example, though you would have to modify the Super Subs and Improved Shipyards to reflect the difference between AA50 and Revised.
    You could adopt the new rules for Strategic Bombing Raids.
    I don’t think those above 2 would change the revised game much, you could also adopt the new unit specs and prices, though this will definitely change the sea part of the game a lot.  You could even make up your own national objectives or haphazardly create an Italian player with a marker or some paint on a few pieces.

  • I was 12 when I got my first A&A game (revised) I loved it!  Of course thats just me.  I was into statagy stuff before I bought it.  I would do what DarthMaximus said and go with etheir revised or that new one coming out in August.  That way if you don’t like it you haven’t blown $100.

  • 3 hours for a game of Axis and Allies?  lol

    Expect at least 4-5 hours, plus setup time.  Some of the variants are only about 3 hours or less, though.

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