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  • My friends and I play A&A Annavrsery ed. every Tuesday night.  We have three reliable players with a good deal of experance, we started playing the first eddition a long time past, and are lookin for new blood.  Thought I would roll the dice in hopes there is/ are someone/ someones in our area who might be interested in droping in once or lots  😉.  We are in Berea, Ky, but anywhere in the 859 or 606 area codes is pretty close.  Just send me a PM if interested.

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    Instead of making my own post about the same thing I’ll add to yours.

    I live in Denver, Colorado, 80204, but I also go up to Boulder, 80302
    We usually have 4-7 guys every Saturday up for a game of AA50 or Diplomacy, though college gets in the way sometimes.

    just PM me if you live in the area and want to join

  • hey would u guys be interested in trying out this new online A&A variation? I could really use some input from seasoned pros like you to help improve it. 😃


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