China should have IPCs

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    I am considering this alt rule:

    China collects IPCs, and their Inf cost only 2 ipcs (and they can only buy inf)
    They have no capital, so Japan can never take their money.

    They now have a more normal turn order of: Purchase Units, Combat Move, Combat, Non-Combat Move, Place Units, Collect IPCs (No Research&Development).
    All their other rules are the same as before, (they can build anywhere in China that has less than 3 chinese units, can’t move out of China, part of USA turn still, etc.)
    1941 and 1942 setup, China starts with 7 IPCs for both (since they have 7 territories for both)

    I like this rule because having an odd number of territories now actually does something for you (you can save that 1 ipc for the next turn)
    I also like how this gives China a reason to attack, since any gains made during their turn equal more IPCs for them, rather than the current rules which mean that Japan can erase any gains China makes before China gets to ‘make’ new inf.
    It also seems to balance Asia out a lot more, currently Japan is way OP.

    What do you think?


  • It would make china more in line with the other powers that get to collect after their turn. Although i see issues with 1 player keeping 2 sets of cash and only 1 color. Care should be taken to ensure that the cash does not mingle with the US cash.

  • I think letting them buy inf based off there land at the end of there turn would be enough, might even be enough to even up the game a bit more to lower/remove bids.

  • I’d say 1 guys for each IPC at end of turn. It’s ridiculous when you free Manchuria with someone and China gets nothing for it because it’s the only territory they have  😛 And ban that stupid ACME chinese frontier  8-)

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