Offloading land units after failed seaborne invasion?

  • During the combat movement phase, the Japanese players loads 3 Inf and 1 Tank on 2 Transports. Moves two hexes, attempting a seaborne invasion on the Hawaiian Islands. As part of the seaborne invasion, let’s say Japan has other naval units attempting to destroy US naval units in sz 53 before the seaborne invasion starts. Japan aborts the seaborne invasion, during the naval combat. Meaning, Japan decides to retreat from the naval battle, before the seaborne invasion occurs. The Japanese player retreats one seazone, from which his at least one of his naval units traversed, during the combat move phase. This sea zone has an island territory in it(Caroline Is). Is the Japanese player also allowed to offload his units during the Non Com move phase onto the Caroline Is. I believe the answer is no because he just loaded those units during the Com move phase that turn. Am I correct?

  • Good question!  I would say that the transports cannot unload, but I cannot find a reference to back up that interpretation. It would certainly create an interesting situation if those units were then exposed to a naval counterattack.


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    The land units may not be offloaded in the same turn that the transports retreat.  This is covered on pages 21 and 31 of the rules.

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