Axis and Allies 1942 Edition Fact Sheet ( AA42)

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    Hi Krieghund

    What about the units cost?

    Same prize as anniversary edition, or the revised edition?

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  • Hey everyone, I just finished my review on the Axis and Allies 1942 Edition. Please check it out:
    Feel free to leave a comment. I especially want to know what this crowd thinks. Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

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    Overall the changes are positive imho.  Revised is a classic game and deserves another run and the chance to appeal to a new generation.  AA42 takes the best innovations from Anniversary (ie naval rules and units) and applies them to Revised.  It should be interesting to see how the strategies change.  It’s also a good move to remove tech–Revised works better w/o tech because tech is about luck and detracts from the strategic aspect.  With dice, luck is already a sufficient factor in the game.

    Could be a big hit.

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