Axis and Allies 1942 Edition Fact Sheet ( AA42)

  • Too many posts to delete. I wont let it happen with AAE40 and AAP40. Besides these games will generate real interest because of all the new stuff in these games.


    I got this game today at Target

    Its got a very well written rulebook thanks to Kreighund. smiley

    I only had to read it once quickly to understand everything and didn’t have to reread any part that ‘wasn’t clear’

    It was funny that most of the latter pages of the rules contained only about half a page of text. The entire rules could be in 12 pages it it weren’t for the idea to separate each new concept.

    its got the same ideas as AA50 with no NA, No NO’s, NO Tech. Optional rules from AA50 included.

    I will scan the setup sheet because people are crying. The map is too small, but its looks great. The lines that separate the territories are less clear than AA50, which is bad because if the pieces spill over into other territories occurrences of “hey was that here or there will occur”.

    The chips are very few and you get like only 8 red chips. You get a set of really dark dice and they look otherwise like original AAR dice sake the colors.

    Now the pieces….

    This refreshed thing is kinda a letdown. The pieces for the most part are not different from AAR.

    HOWEVER, some of the pieces are slightly different.

    The Infantry and Tanks in all 5 cases have some additional detail on the sides. I like this.

    Soviet Bomber has flat wings. Its alot better

    Soviet infantry are ‘different’ they seem larger and different… no really.

    The prize in the Soviet Cruiser… its incredible!!!..worth the price of admission

    The allied artillery for Soviet, UK, USA has some minor detail about its nozzle/turret…minor

    The Soviet battleship is horrible. My god its horrible.


    Submarine has moire detail. Its slightly thicker and has some more detail. I like it alot, but still too skinny for me.

    The Cruiser is definatly awesome!

    The Infantry are different as well… larger in some respect. I see a pattern here. They changed the infantry for all nations with something slightly different.


    Very minor changes on artillery.
    japanese battleship has more detail and is slightly different.


    not much to report here. the UK Battleship is better but marginally.

    Just tanks and infantry changes.


    The dreaded p-38 is back

    the US Carrier is now a bit better with some deck details

    I think its worth it for the infantry and that Soviet and German Cruiser upgrade.

    The setup is basically the same ( sort of). You have to take 9 VC to win or go for decisive VC by taking 12 VC.

    above is the set up sheets.

    also you get 10 red chips ( which are now kinda reddish orange to match the dice) and about 40 grey chips… angry

    The tokens are skinny like in revised. sad

  • Got the 42 today.  Some observations:

    1. Russian battleship is ugly.

    2. Map is small

    3. Need to make a spreadsheet chart substituting for money. (maybe a job for Krieghund or IM to do)

    4. Sculpts are better! :-)

    5. I assume UK touches z3???

    6. Played once with friend.- possible bid given to Allies this time versus bid given to Axis in Revised.

    7. For $28 bucks I think you actually get good quality.  Overall I am pleased for being a base game. :-)

  • now that its out it would nice to have an update 1st post yeah?
    a definitive fact sheet of AA1942 changes

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    3. Need to make a spreadsheet chart substituting for money. (maybe a job for Krieghund or IM to do)

    Sounds like overkill.  Poker chips work well.


    5. I assume UK touches z3???

    Yes, it does.

  • '10

    Hi Krieghund

    What about the units cost?

    Same prize as anniversary edition, or the revised edition?

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  • Hey everyone, I just finished my review on the Axis and Allies 1942 Edition. Please check it out:
    Feel free to leave a comment. I especially want to know what this crowd thinks. Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

  • '16 '15 '10

    Overall the changes are positive imho.  Revised is a classic game and deserves another run and the chance to appeal to a new generation.  AA42 takes the best innovations from Anniversary (ie naval rules and units) and applies them to Revised.  It should be interesting to see how the strategies change.  It’s also a good move to remove tech–Revised works better w/o tech because tech is about luck and detracts from the strategic aspect.  With dice, luck is already a sufficient factor in the game.

    Could be a big hit.

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