Kelly's Heroes

  • Kelly’s Heroes are represented by 1 ARM and 1 INF… they appear automatically as soon as US forces land in NWE.

    They cannot be attacked by more than 1 INF at a time, or 1 FTR… and the ARM unit can take 3 hits before being destroyed.

    They do not attack.

    They move into France on the next turn, and must fight 1 ARM unit (which the germans get for free)

    If they survive this they get to rob the German economy of 16 IPC

    There is no way to prevent this…

    The Allies do not gain this money however… it simply ‘vanishes’  :mrgreen:

    Any comments? :lol:

  • might just be the single greatest house-rule ever.

  • Germany should have a reasonable chance to stop them or just have Germany cough up 16 ipc as soon as the Allies take NW Europe.  The way you have it set up Germany runs the risk of losing the fighter (10 ipc) just trying to stop it.  It adds up to alot of cash.  Maybe reduce the ipc amount lost 5-8 ipc.  I know that doesn’t seem like much but the amount of money Clint Eastwood & Telly Salvalus (sp  :-() were after was alot for a relatively small bunch of guys but would be maybe 10 ipc at most.  The money represents millions of working man hours not gold reserves.

    I’m not trashing your idea, nothing wrong with it.  You could expand this thought to a Commando rule or Commando unit, drop them by bomber or transport to sabotage an enemy factory kinda like a SBR.  Enemy infantry could be the security for the factory and would have a chance to stop the Commando raid, if security fails its roll then Commandos do their sabotage & then retreat.  The Brits did alot of commando raids after Dunkirk just so they could hit back at the Nazis.

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