• so me and my boss have been arguing about this rule with industrial complexes. i read the rulebook and it clearly says, you CANNOT place new units on a complex unless you own it at the beginning of that power’s turn. but he says that the rules are that you can place a complex down and put newly purchased units on that complex on it all on the same turn.  can an expert player of this game please say who is right!?

  • Paige is the one that posted this? lol

  • Paige is the one that posted this! lol

  • You are right Paige.

    I’m guessing that your boss is thinking that if he buys the IC (which purchasing units comes at the beginning of a powers turn)  that he owns the IC from the beginning of his turn.  Owning a IC from the beginning of a turn would be considered BEFORE purchasing units.

    But all things considered, he is your BOSS……so you may want to let him do this!!  😄 :lol:

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    I like Ike is correct.  You can’t mobilize units from an IC on the same turn that you purchase it, as you haven’t owned it from the beginning of your turn.

  • yeah he is my boss but he ain’t like that. we keep our work seperate from that stuff. but now i can rub it in his face that i am right! lol haha

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