• Im a huge fan of Axis and Allies, i play the revised edition all the time but im looking for something new. do you suggest buying AAE or one of the other games like AAP AAG or BOTB

  • probably depends on what you are interested.

    AAE & AAP are theater sized games, GC & BOTB are battle-sized, as is the DDay one.  AAE/P are going to be more similar to Revised and what you are used to while GC and BOTB really have to be considered different games as they introduce play mechanics that very different from the earlier versions.  While they are very different and you must get to know them as unique games, they are very enjoyable in my opinion and welcome additions.  They are also more tactical than strategic in their structure and scale as opposed to earlier versions.

    honestly, when considering them in regards to what might be predictable and repetitive, there are people who will tell you that they all are, and in some regards true.  AAE you really have to go after Moscow every-time, Pacific you are after Australia or India, Bulge is the same ground every-time and Guadal is the same islands one after another. Not to sound pessimistic, but someone could say Revised is similar in that you always have to crush Moscow between the Axis.

    If you want a larger game with action on several fronts, go with one of the theater sized games, Europe is more similar to Revised and going to be the easiest to pickup after Revised.  Pacific has some rules that allow for some larger naval battles that aren’t in most of the other games.  You could look at Guadal/Bulge based more on if you are interested in sea or land fights, plus they are likely cheaper than Eur/Pac.

    Of all the games, i have enjoyed Bulge and Europe the most, but that’s just me.

  • My experiences are with classic, revised, and europe.  We just got Europe in a couple weeks ago and played it.  (minus the pieces that were missing, those came in a week later.  But I suppose that is for another thread  :roll: )  We had a blast.  I like the fact that you can play around with a German navy (they start with 10 subs in the water) and the convoys are a neat addition.  We may give Pacific a whirl in a couple months or so, but this game is worth the buy IMO.  (rules are like a mix of classic and revised with some small variations)

  • I personally enjoy this game.  It is worth buying if you like A&A.

  • '10

    I have limited experience with it but like it. Haven’t played enough to say it’s broken but that is what general consensus from forums seems to be. If you like a theatre sized game it is worth a go. Personally, I like AAP because the logistics are more intricate. There is a Japan advantage which can be easily adjusted by inflating the VP requirement. I haven’t seen that much discussion in the forums on how to definitively stop the tank push inherent to AAE.

  • @FryBoy55:

    Im a huge fan of Axis and Allies…

    Then you’ll love it!  It is totally worth buying, as is AAP.

    DD, BOTB, & GC are good games and I like them too.  They are not really like A&A very much though, so you might or might not like them.  Worth trying though, I’d think.

  • My experience is with Revised, Pacific, and Europe.

    If you’ve played Revised, you will like both Pacific and Europe, but for different reasons.

    In short, Pacific is a naval themed game, and if you like naval/air combat, you will like it.

    As for Europe, I’ve been playing it FTF lately (in the middle of a game right now), and I am liking it a lot. Good ground play on the East front, and lots of options in the other theaters to keep play varied.

    The consensus here seems to be that a German tank blitz breaks the game, but my group have not found that to be the case…there are many ways to win with Germany, and we have done most of them, my favorite being a Med/Middle East focus to gain money and flank Russia.

    Of course, if you blitz/get blitzed all the time, then yeah, the games broken…user error.  :lol:

    Allied play is difficult…they must coordinate a response early, or they will be fended off seperately. Russia must play well in any game that isn’t an obvious attempt at a Sealion.

    And as with Revised, sometimes it all comes down to the dice.  😉

    If you’re looking for something more similar to Revised, I’d go with Europe…if you want something a little different, go with Pacific.

  • I consider Europe my personal favorite in the Axis & Allies franchise. But I may be biased because it happens to be the first one I bought & it is the one that got me hooked on these games.

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