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A&A: 1942 Edition

  • I wanted to start a thread where we can post info of what we know and learn about this “new” game, as information becomes available…

    -  Only 5 powers - Italy in not included as a separate Axis power.
    -  370 playing pieces - which is a little better than revised.
    -  Release date of August 26, 2009 (according to CoastCityStyles.com)
    -  New Map
    -  New Units
    -  New Sculpts
    -  Updated Rules
    -  Cruisers, Mech infantry, and fixed rules (according to IL)
    -  MSRP of $35.00
    -  updated battleboard
    -  no more playing money

    Anything else?

  • Wait, so there’s now a “new” A&A 42 version coming out that costs 35 bucks?

    Ummmm  for the people that paid 100 or more dollars for the “end all be all, sub-par ANNIVERSARY edition”  shouldn’t this game be complementary or at least majorly discounted for those people?  :x

    Just my bitter .02

  • I don’t think this game is meant to re-place AA50 - this game replaces Revised, and AA50 was just a (for now at least) one-run special edition game.  Be happy that you have your copy!

  • @captainjack:

    I don’t think this game is meant to re-place AA50 - this game replaces Revised, and AA50 was just a (for now at least) one-run special edition game.  Be happy that you have your copy!

    I’m happy I have a copy of AA50,  I’m just not thrilled that 4 months later after I spent 100 bucks that there’s another copy of AA coming out with new units, better sculpts, newer rules and probably a better starting set up.  Four of the biggest complaints of AA50 (just going by what I read on the forums) for 1/3 the price.

  • Official Answers

    Realistically, what do you think the odds are that a $35 game will make you sorry that you bought a $100 game?  😉

  • @I:

    and probably a better starting set up

    It’s not easy making a worse setup than AA50, at least the Pacific and Asian fronts. I praise that at least China will be free of bugs and semi-playable this time (I’ll not ask properly represented, that’s asking too much). They should start testing Pacific as time as they do with Europe (because they seem able of doing a pretty well balanced european theater)

    I’d be glad with a game at least as balanced as Revised, and of course one that lets you make a solid Pacific and asian strat

  • @Krieghund:

    Realistically, what do you think the odds are that a $35 game will make you sorry that you bought a $100 game?  😉

    lol always flipping it  🙂

  • @Krieghund:

    Realistically, what do you think the odds are that a $35 game will make you sorry that you bought a $100 game?  😉

    if it’s done better, there will be a number of people who will be sorry they dropped $135 to find they only need drop $35, and we will hear about it.

    Though it’s also very likely we’ll get more complaints that after all the complaints about AA50 that wotc still couldn’t get it right with this new aa42.

  • no more playing money? so what’s replacing it?

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    You now write down your income on a pad like most people do. I am not sure but most likely the game comes with a starter pad.

  • or you get some fine customized poker chips with national symbols on them.  paper and pencils are sooo for games that are all cardboard chits.

  • … or i could just use the money from some of my other a&a games. no monies, what a jip

  • No money?  So this new game will not involve IPCs?  I was just telling me friend about this new game and wondering what the map will be like etc.  Why is it just 1942?  Is it because of lack of interest in the anniversary edition 1942 set up?  I am interested to see more information.

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    you don’t need pieces of paper to keep your IPC straight. Just write it down on paper and save the hassle of passing/ collecting monopoly money.

  • but i loves the monies!  😢  i like holding up my vast amount if ipc’s so everyone around the table can see how much i have  😄

  • This is really a surprise, the only thing I can think why this is done is either bad sales which seems unlikely since AA50 sold out or that the game is considered to be flawed. Maybe they thought this '41 scenario that everyone is playing is unsuited for balanced play and includes too many uncertainties?

    As for money, maybe they will have gone all the way and just changed the phasing order so that you buy with the IPC income you have on the board at the start of your turn. That would eliminate territory trading, not too bad!  😉 This would also go quite well with NOs since you wouldn’t have the inflation in income that we’ve gotten used to now in AA50. On the other hand, if they opt for a simpler game, maybe NOs will be tossed out of the window, which I think would be too bad since it encourages better game strategies. My 2 cents for upgraded NOs;

    1. Change the first Jap NO to: 5 IPCs if control of at-start territories AND no Jap units in Soviet territories. (Favours pacific strats)
    2. Change the German third NO to: control of BOTH KAR and CAU. (Almost necessary since KAR will be a cakewalk in most -42 setups)
    3. Change the US homeland NO to include Alaska. (Favours pacific strats)

    As many have said China can be fixed with a better setup and Japan’s power is easy to adjust with giving them 2 or 3 transports rather than the extreme 5 or the other extreme 1 as we now have it! I like a separate Italy but I haven’t yet heard of anyone having a separate player for it so in that sense it isn’t a success story. Germany controlling Italy and getting one of their NOs should be OK and also gets rid of the Italy+Germany flip-flop on the Eastern front which I hope no-one will be unhappy to get rid of.

  • Regarding money - who cares if this game comes with it or not.  For those of us that have another version of A&A - just use that money if you want.  For those that will be buying A&A for the first time - they will never know the difference.  I think the price point on this game is fantastic - an MSRP of only $35?!  I’ve already seen it online (pre-order) or like $25!  I would imagine that this will draw in some new A&A players - people that never wanted to spend $40 (or whatever revised cost) for a boardgame.  Eliminating the money is probably one way that WoTC was able to keep the costs down.  I would rather have them make some cost cuts (that don’t effect gameplay of course) and expand the fan base.
    Just my 2 cents…

  • So Krieghund,

    any info on when we can expect to ‘officially’ hear some sort of release news and notes about this version?

    wotc will likely update and release info on it in Sept, but how about from the LarryHarris site or something?

  • Official Answers

    I’m afraid not.  Wizards controls the release of information on new games.  If and when I get the OK to release anything, you guys will be the first to know.  However, I suspect that I won’t, so you’ll all find out at the same time as everyone else, whenever that is.

  • your input, your effort and your candor are as always, much appreciated Krieghund.

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    Wizards controls the release of information on new games.

    which means we will get nothing but the same exact picture that any site selling the game will receive and no articles as usual.

  • you’d think they’d be intelligent enough to realise that if they released a little info, maybe a picture or two (apart from the box cover) then they’d drum up a little excitement and interest in the thing. right now it’s just us gossiping like old women  :x

  • I emailed WOTC about the new release, and just asked about when we might expect an announcement about the game, not the info itself:

    Thank you for writing. Unfortunately there have been no announcements. For any future releases, keep checking the Avalon Hill page at http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=ah/welcome.
    Take Care and Good Gaming!

    Disappointing, though not an unexpected response.  the tech who responded probably went out and googled it after to find out about it himself.

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    You should email him back:

    Why is it every time WOTC/ AH releases anything having to do with Axis and Allies boardgames, everybody has to find out about the game thru Funagain games and other retailers long before anybody EVER hears about these games from AH.

    The difference is striking when the minute a product involving Axis and Allies Miniatures is even “thought of” they post a picture of every piece and every angle nearly a year before it comes out. This would be the same with all the upcoming fantasy related games.

    When AA50 came out you didn’t even lift a finger to describe it are do anything except post a link for errata rules.

    Do you really think anybody can take you seriously when you come up with that standard reply: “keep looking at the site for updates” Was that some sort of joke?

    Its totally evident why nobody posts on your Avalon Hill site since it offers nothing except information that was already posted on other sites first.

    see how they react to that.

  • IL,

    I replied and included your questions along with mine about their inability to support their releases.  I will relay their answers, or lack their of.

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