• i’m interesting in replaying some of the forum games here:

    in the hopes i can learn some of your AAR strategies and beat my F2F opponent more quickly.  i’ve been using tripleA to replay them, and it takes forever to edit the board after every battle to match the forum dice results.  what’s the best way to do this?

  • Most of the forum games are played using ABattlemap. It would be much easier to just install battlemap as then you can see the posted maps from each turn.

  • the thing i like about tripleA is that i have a history in a saved game file.  after entering all the moves (and editing), i can go back R1, step through each move and purchase and study the position.  once i see the clever moves in round 4-5, i can go back and see how they were setup.

    i pretty much have to do it this way since many of the allies moves aren’t obvious at first glance.  it takes a few turns of the allies coordinating together (for me) to see why things were done several turns ago and why certain things were not done.

    can abattlemap do that for me?  or will i just have to use my memory?

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