Computer use at work increases productivity

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    I read this article about 2 weeks ago and ever since It has got me wondering:

    Now granted, I don’t have a job that requires computer work right now, but how many honestly don’t do this anyway? And why couldn’t they see this coming? Your mind cannot focus that much on the same information or mold into the same input/output hour after hour and not expect to be relieved. I like Google’s example where they make mandatory play time for some employees to keep creativity up. That I think is for more of their design team, but all of us eventually just need some vice to keep “alive” at work. I imagine their are some endowed with super powers, but that isn’t everyone.

    Thoughts? Any willing to admit this is them?


  • Absolutely.  A person that is given some liberties regarding how they spend their time at work will usually perform better in the long run than somebody that is forced to “work” for the duration.  Granted, this is the case for salaried professionals more so than for menial, minimum wage hourly jobs where the worker is much more replaceable.  A professional that you need to put significant resources into to make them an important, contributing member of the organization should be allowed some freedom in this regard.  If their job is high-stress, they will just get burned out quicker if the stress isn’t relived in some manner.

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