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Starting IPCs?

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    question on the starting income that all players have before taking their very first turn.

    ok, so the rule book says this:

    Germany …… 31
    Japan … 17
    Italy … 10
    United States … 40
    United Kingdom . 43
    Soviet Union … 30

    Germany … 37
    Japan … 31
    Italy … 10
    United States … 38
    United Kingdom . 31
    Soviet Union … 24

    but the forum fact sheet seems to say that any bonus income that is true gets added in there too (for example that USA gets +15 more ipcs starting income in 1941).

    so which one is it?

  • It is FALSE

    The NO bonuses are paid only during the collect income phase of a turn.

    I suggest you download the official ERRATA & FAQ document

  • Official Answers

    It can be found at Larry Harris’ site.

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