Axis bid to Japan Rather than Germany?

  • @Soon_U_Die:

    An R1 full court press is sub vs sub in the Atlantic

    I also like to send the Tranny in this battle, and do not put with the UK fleet: Just to improve the odds, that this one sub really dies.

  • Incredibly easy to counter. Turn 1, Russia attacks Ukraine. Turn 2, Russia attacks Finland. Russia Builds full infantry each turn (8 T1, 9 T2, 9 T3). That means your looking at (with 1 Infantry defending Ukraine), What, 38 Infantry in Karelia? Plus whatever Fighters or early Infantry the British and Americans have in there, plus 2 Soviet Fighters, Plus 3 (or 4) Tanks.

    Yanny, you’re jesting right? 38 infantry, plus 3 or 4 tanks Russian tanks in KAR? So, you’re assuming no Russian losses in taking Finland and Ukraine??

    Bruce, moving the AA gun is an interesting idea and would certainly make me think twice about attacking with too much air. Although if Ger did take it back then you would be leaving either KAR or MOS defenceless to industrial bombing - so it is a risky ploy.

    But the crucial point is that with any of these Russia all out T1 offensives Japan is left to mop up in the East virtually unopposed. They will pose a serious threat to MOS itself by T3 or 4. Soon_U_Die, you say turn 6. I can’t see what on earth would be causing Japan to take so long (and no an attack on Kwangtang with E1 would not worry me in the slightest). Sure, Germany is under pressue in the R1 attacks scenario but in these cases Germany doesn’t need to win the war it just has to survive long enough for Japan to carry the day for the Axis - something Germany can do with ease.

  • What is the point of debating situations with no RR and no bid anybody can beat the axis this way. Even with the 2 above mentioned remedies the allies still have the upper hand. Lets hear some axis strategies instead of time tested methods of beating the axis. I mean take out the German fleet, ignore japan, :roll: secure africa buy an aircraft carrier land planes on it and bomb germany. Is there really another strategy the allies need to employ to win?

  • but there is a point in debating this as everyone on this board seems to think Axis are doomed from turn 1 (in non-RR and non-Bid games). I disagree with this, although I do agree that Allies have an advantage, I think it is slight. I’m fully prepared to be shown I’m wrong, but have seen no argument yet that I haven’t played against and beaten. Admittedly, maybe I’m playing mediocre opponents, although I know for a fact they are very good at other games (e.g. chess, poker etc.)? I looked over at the A&A WBC report and they said average bids during the tournament were 13-15 (no RR). I can’t believe bids that large. I’d take Axis in a shot with that high a bid and build two troops in Libya and two in Indo-China!

    Do any of you guys go to the WBC? Is their tournament the real World Axis & Allies Championship? Is there even such a thing and who is the best player in the world…?

    I guess only way to resolve this dispute is to play it out. 😄

  • well put SUD
    I would like to join one of these clubs, but at the same time, i think i still have much learning to do before i go out there and humiliate myself.

    Also leon-idas, i’d be happy to play you in a non-RR non-bid game. I’d actually like to see you beat me while you were playing the Axis. That would be a fantastic learning experience for me. At the same time, i have won as allies against excellent players with RR and a bid of 8 or more.

    At the same time, if you’d like a game with other conditions, i could be open to that too.

    p.s. SUD is right. When i’m trying to be a nice guy, it’s easy to come across as a jerk. When i’m being a jerk, well then it’s a lot easier . . . 🙂

  • Hey guys, I know what you mean about it being all to easy to come across like a jerk over email or a messageboard. Text can often be misconstrued which is why I always use a lot of these fellas: 😄

    Anyway, I’d really like to take you guys up on that offer of playing on the zone. Only problem is I’m UK based and I heard you need to buy the US version (or US only patch?) to get online. I have a UK version but the patch you need to play on the Zone did not work on the UK version. Mind you that was a couple of years back, do any of you know if this is still the case?

    I have to admit SUD that those internet games stat databases look pretty conclusive 😄 I’m totally prepared to be taught a severe lesson 😄

  • PBEM?

  • Hey leonidas,I was reading the discourse and I urge you to join one of the clubs,AAMC if you like 2nd ed.Dont worry about getting trounced early,just watch what they do and ask about strategy as you go[most will explain to a rookie how they are kicking his *** : ) as they go].Your learning curve will be very steep and after a half dozen games you;ll smile broadly as your opp takes the axis for 20.[avg bid is 22. 23 for experts]

    Happy hunting

  • hey sud. seems like you have a lot of experience. I’d like to see you play a game on the forum sometime. i don’t have the time right now, b/c i am in the middle of a game but maybe versus darth maximus (or baby huey)?? when you say bid of 20 or so, you mean w/o RR right?

  • Hmm, sounds like ya’ll play with some serious contenders. I don’t know even what RR stands for but i do know this. I like the challenge of playing the axis against all odds. Sure the game is slanted against you, but damnit… I’m gonna try my best to wipe the allies off the board.

    Likely the guys I’ve played against just suck, but as germany I’ve kept the seas clear of allied ships for 3 rounds or so and always have moscow by turn 2 or 3, it is usually a bit gamble but it works. As japan, I’ve been notorious for assaulting the US navy and invading alaska with 4+ troops on turn 3 while still having secure boarders in china.

    Spread thin? Yup, Gotten beat, you bet… But I’ve won nearly 60-70% of the games and always made 'em sweat. So I say bring it…screw the bidding and the RR…Damn the torpedoes and stuff. If I wanted a fair game I’d play Candy Land with my 2yr old.

    -The Fuzzy One

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