Heavy Bomber rule question HB verses Surface War Ships

  • Since part of the rules for transports read:
    “Chosen Last: Transports may only be chosen as a casualty if there are no other eligible units. Normally this will occur when only transports are left, but it may also occur under other circumstances. For example, fighters attacking transports and submerged submarines will hit the transports because they cannot hit the submarines” (Page 31 under transport rules).


    “Defenseless Transports: In a sea battle, if the defender has only transports remaining and the attacker still has units capable of attacking, the defending transports are all destroyed, along with their cargo. You do not have to continue rolling dice until all the transports receive hits—this will speed up combats……….”  (Page 18 side note under General Combat rules).

    And since the rules for heavy bombers read:
    “Heavy Bombers. Your bombers are now heavy bombers. You roll two dice for each bomber when you attack or make a strategic bombing raid. On defense, your bombers still roll only a single die.”

    If a single heavy bomber (capable of rolling two dice on the attack) attacks a sea zone with 1 transport and one surface warship (1 destroyer OR 1 cruiser OR 1 carrier with no fighters on it…battle ships…although classified as a surface warship…are not figured in this equation since they can receive two hits) if the heavy bomber attacks and scores 2 hits in a single roll of its 2 attack dice  and if the defending surface warship (destroyer or cruiser or carrier with no fighters on it) scores a hit against the heavy bomber with its single defense die does the transport survive or is it sunk due to the fact that the heavy bomber scored two hits?  :?

    I’m asking this because (if I’m playing the rules correctly) if a single regular bomber (or single fighter) conducted an attack in a sea zone containing 1 surface war ship (1 destroyer OR 1 cruiser OR 1 carrier with no fighters on it…battle ships…although classified as a surface warship…are not figured in this equation since they can receive two hits) and 1 transport if the single attacking air unit hit the single defending surface war ship and the single defending surface war ship hit the single attacking air unit the transport would survive due to there not being any attacking units left after the first cycle of combat to hit/sink the transport at the start of the next cycle of combat.

    If there were two attacking air units and one of them survived this same attack but the defending surface warship was sunk, the transport would be sunk…regardless of if both attacking air units scored a hit in the first cycle of combat….correct?

    So, would the transport get sunk because the heavy bomber DID score two hits and there are no other viable targets for it to hit so regardless of if the heavy bomber was hit by the defending surface warship…wouldn’t the second bomber hit ….hit the transport since…technically both hit from the heavy bomber…hit…something…correct?

    That’s how I played it last night…seemed fair…just thought I would ask and see what the consensus on it was (and what the official answer dude would say).

    Hope all that was clear.    :?

  • I’ve seen basically the same question asked, and, yes, your second hit would score on the transport, so if you had 1 heavy bomber attacking 2 loaded transports and 1 destroyer, and your heavy bomber hit twice and the destroyer also hit, then your opponent would have to choose which transport to lose and which one to keep.

  • cool…thats what we thought “sounded fair…and right”.

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